University students interview NAT

Three students from Chulalongkorn University interviewed Naturist Association Thailand for the University Magazine. We hope to welcome more student members when the magazine is out.

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Annual General Meeting and BBQ dinner

NATCON 2021 will this year be a physical AGM followed by a BBQ dinner on Saturday 1 May 2021 – and an online meeting starting at 16.00 Thailand time. The AGM and BBQ dinner takes place at Barefeet in Bangkok and costs 900 THB per participant.

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The Lucky Country

In Western Australia we are lucky to have lots of land and not many people. This often gives us the opportunity to go nude in

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My first time

  Back in the 1960s someone worked out that Swanbourne was the perfect beach for nude swimming. It is at the back of and army

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The Realization

    I am an entrepreneur in my early 40’s, a Hong Konger but I was relocated to Singapore by my previous employer in 2002,

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A naturist adventure

I started to feel the freedom of  nudity when me and my wife went to Mindoro, a beautiful isolated island with white sand and blue

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Go nude – be happy!

Are people who spend time naked in the company of others happier than those who don’t? Scientists are reporting in the Journal of Happiness Studies

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What is Thai naturism?

Naturism, or nudism, is a cultural movement among people practicing social nudity. It is practiced by healthy, active people in all societies around the world.

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Typical questions

Common questions about naturism Everyone will think I am there for sex! Naturism is NOT about sex, in fact we express great disapproval of anyone

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Welcome Back

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