Standard Membership


Join as a STANDARD MEMBER for 1000 THB (≈30 USD) and unlock vibrant online community access! Enjoy exploring profiles and build your own, receive our Newsletter and chat with private messages or inside the group, share photos, participate in events, stay at naturist resorts, and more.



STANDARD MEMBER - 1000 THB (≈30 USD)  enables the member to interact socially with other members.

  • Standard Members are allowed to participate in the online social community for Naturist Association Thailand members. - you can see the profile of other members and build up your own profile, - you can send and receive messages with the other members privately or visible to other members, - you can post photos on your timeline and share them with only your friends or all other members and see the photos they have posted on their profiles, - you can on become "Friends" with other members which gives more freedom in chatting and sharing photos. Photos may be private for you only, shared with friends only, with other members of a private group - or with all members. You are fully in control of this.
  • Standard Members can join the events that are announced in the Calendar and in the regular email Newsletter. (Non-members may sign up for the newsletter, but they must upgrade to Standard or Premium Member if they want to join any event).
  • Standard Members can stay at resorts affiliated with Naturist Association Thailand - subject to the resort's acceptance.
  • Standard Members can bring one friend to join our naturist events. (Accompanying members join under the responsibility of the inviting member himself/herself).

Please note that the membership is valid for 365 days, starting from the moment you make the payment.

Click here to upgrade from Standard Member to Premium Member.


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