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Singapore – not Thailand – could have been leading naturism in Asia

Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew once suggested that Sentosa - an entertainment island just off the coast of Singapore city - should have a “nudist colony”. Or it could be placed on one of Singapore’s many other small islands. The “almost-good” news for Singapore came from a side-remark in the book “Tall Order: […]

We’re rolling out NATCoins!

NATCoins is a virtual currency used among members of Naturist Association Thailand. You can earn NATCoins mainly as a reward for helping to expand naturism to include more members. A member, that encourages another person to join Naturist Association Thailand, will earn NATCoins when the other person joins as a member. How? Click here. It […]

Thai woman talks about becoming a naturist

An interview with a newbie naturist by 4-years experienced naturist for everyone who wonders “What are naturists really?” Listen to the interview here! Nidnoi is a Thai woman who has been a naturist for 4 years. In this interview in Thai language, she talks to another young Thai woman, who is a newbie naturist and […]

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Pornographic young men – is it naturism?

Pornographic images of a group of young Thai men showing themselves in erotic positions out door and posted on a Facebook account made news in early June 2018. Thai TV channel True4U invited Gregers Moller of Naturist Association Thailand in the studio to explain to TV Presenter Wasamon Chuangpreecha if this was naturism and - […]

Review: Chan Resort in Pattaya, Thailand

Nick & Lins, Chan Resort was fully booked while we were there with an interesting mix of Thai, Australians, French, a couple from Hong Kong and several others of whom we have no idea where they were from. Most of the visitors were couples or single men. During the day there were also a number […]

Review: Oriental Village Chiang Mai Thailand

Nick & Lins, "When we walked through the gate of The Oriental Village, the only word that immediately came to mind was: "WOW". What a beautiful place, something we could have never expected when the taxi driver dropped us off in front of the building at the end of the road. Maybe it was the […]