NAT implements improvements for Members and Premium Members

Naturist Association of Thailand after careful consideration has removed all users that were previously registered as "Free Subscribers". Only paid Members and Premium Members have now access to the website.

This operation was a delicate procedure as many free members had over the years uploaded and shared content. These subscribers were given a chance to become members again and keep their profile active. We would to sincerely thank those who took this opportunity and have remained with us!

The move has allowed us to implement planned benefits for our paid Members and Premium Members. Among the benefits available immediately are that members can now enjoy easier access to view all photos, videos, files, groups, forum entries, etc.

Privacy settings remain completely unchanged, without a single image or post having been changed in terms of its privacy setting.

Naturist Association Thailand hopes these changes will be well received by the members. We will strive in providing more content, activities and services focused solely for the benefit of our loyal members.

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