Our mission in Thailand


Naturist Association Thailand is striving towards 

  • a world where everyone can live in freedom, with or without clothing, with respect for each other and for the environment. 
  • a world where the human right to be naked is protected and nudity, including social nudity, is accepted. 
  • a world where naturism is practiced in accordance with the INF definition of naturism.


Naturist Association Thailand’s mission is

  • to support our members practicing naturism at home, at locations and in public
  • to recruit and support locations where our members can practice naturism
  • to work towards a world where naturism may safely and legally be practiced everywhere


Naturist Association Thailand is working towards achieving our mission in four ways.

  • We support each member in living as a naturist by offering
    • friendship with other naturists
    • exchange of inspiration to living as a naturist
    • consultation regarding involving family members in naturism
    • organizing events (sport, social, festivals, culture and arts, fairs, …)
  • We build positive relations among all locations in Thailand, where naturism may be practiced 
    • among member locations
    • among non-member locations
    • normalizing naturism by requesting textile resorts to offer a naturist area
  • Externally - through professional PR, own website and social media work - we 
    • communicate naturism as a harmless and fun way of life 
    • promote naturism as a natural and more sustainable way of life 
    • promote naturism as a tool to increase self-confidence and body-acceptance
    • work with the authorities to increase acceptance of naturism 
    • campaign towards establishment of a human right to be naked  
  • We cooperate with other organizations and international partners in the support of naturism