Code of Conduct

Naturist Association Thailand (NAT) respects the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Thailand governing indecent exposure in public and notes that private membership facilities are not considered public.

  • NAT believes that the protection of the personal integrity rights of every person, especially children, is of the outmost importance in a clothes free environment.
  • NAT does not seek to inhibit or prohibit mutually acceptable affectionate gestures within adults. Nor does it intend to intrude into relationships or private acts of consenting adults.
  • NAT does not accept exhibition of sexual acts in the common areas of NAT partner resorts. These will have no place outside of the guest rooms.
  • NAT supports its partner resorts in promoting acceptable behavior of individuals, couples or groups while at their facilities.

Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behavior includes specifically, but may not be limited to:

  • Inappropriate touching - defined as intimate touching of another persons' body or parts of your own body that would not be acceptable in a public place.
  • Persistent staring, stalking or following, voyeuristic positioning or crowding of an individual’s personal space.
  • Unwelcome communications - defined as any unwanted advances, remarks, suggestions, propositions, gestures, threats, messages, ridicule or jokes of a crude or sexual nature.
  • Persistent attempts to engage another person in clearly undesired conversation.


  • Photography and/or videoing (including use of camera phones) of adults and minors without explicit permission will not be tolerated at NAT partner resorts, social groups or recognized free beaches etc. Permission must be gained also from any person in the field of view.
  • In respect of children, prior parental written approval must be obtained from the parent and the parent must be present at all times. 
  • It is incumbent on the photographer to act responsibly in the choice of the photographic subject, angle, background etc. Anyone who is aware of a photographer taking less than acceptable photos is obliged to report that person to the management.

Handling of complaints

  • Guests are encouraged to assist the NAT partner resort in maintaining a relaxing family ambience by reporting to the staff, as soon as possible, any situation they feel is contrary to this Code of Conduct.
  • Should the resort decide to report the breach of the Code of Conduct to NAT the case will be properly investigated.
  • If NAT determines that the breach of the Code of Conduct was severe, the person may be expelled as a NAT member and the person may be reported as a "persona non grata” to other NAT partner resorts.
  • NAT’s decision on the matter will be final unless the case involves a violation of the Criminal Law of Thailand.


Rules and Manners

We strive hard to offer a genuine naturist experience for both the increasing number of Thai naturists as well as visiting international naturists. Please help us protect our public image from contamination by sex focused individuals and safeguard our contribution to a healthy body and mind development.

Be kind and mindful towards others. Introduce yourself but do not intrude if the other guest does not invite for further conversation. Inform the staff if you feel someone is bothering you and we will deal with it discreetly right away.

Sit on something..  Please carry a towel with you at all times and always use this to sit on.

Smoking is allowed in the designated areas. Please ask if in doubt. Don't be shy to speak up if the smoke of a fellow naturist bothers you.

Singles are welcome..  Couples and singles who understands the non-sexual nature of our lifestyle are equally welcome. Minimum age is 18 years old except for children accompanied by their parents or legal guardian (proof may be required) are accepted.

Gay friendly..  gay singles and gay couples are welcome. Naturism is not a sexual orientation, we are people like anywhere else.

More about visitors…  genuine friends are welcome to visit you while staying at Barefeet Naturist Resort, Your guest must follow the same rules and guidelines as a registered guest, including fully understand our non-sexual, clothes free environment. If by “friend” or “visitor” you mean a short time sex partner, we do not approve of this. Never bring a friend without having explained naturism to them before they arrive.

Do I need to take off my clothes as soon as I am inside the resort? Yes. Walking around in your street clothes is frowned upon. A naturist resort expects their guests to be comfortable with this. If you need to wear something at first, we suggest that you wear only a towel or sarong.  Women can certainly wear bottoms during their monthly period. First time naturists will find plenty of support and understanding if they prefer to wait a bit with taking off their clothes. For most naturists, the first time is a big step.

Do I need to be a member of a club or association in order to stay at the resort? If you are not already a member of an internationally recognized naturist club in another country, we do strongly recommend you to sign up for a membership in Naturist Association Thailand – and enjoy a full year of being a member of our friendly online chat community and receive all our invitations for events and outings. Contact us in advance if this is of special concern to you and we will listen.


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