Wet and Wild NATCON 2022

NATCON 2022 was a wild and wet three days on the lake Srinakarin north of Kanchanaburi from Friday 29 April to Sunday 1 May 2022. The party was two years overdue as the NATCON 2020 was cancelled due to Covid and again in 2021 it was aborted to be a hybrid physical Annual General Meeting held at Barefeet Naturist Resort and an online meeting at the same time.

This time the NATCON meeting and party was true to its nature a very physical and a bit primitive event which has become the style of this tradition. It was in reality the 9th NATCON if you do not count the 2021 event.

It was also a restart of the NATCON tradition with everybody expecting the NATCON 2023 to be not just the 10th Anniversary but also a “real” NATCON in terms of numbers. This year, the number of participants ended up being 23 naturists - but only a week before, we were 40 members signed up.

The reason for the cancellations were mainly the delay in Thailand’s scrapping of the last remaining travel restrictions for inbound travelers - in particular an eight member group from India was last minute canceling the participation. Had the event taken place a week later, it would have been a different matter.

But when you are 23 people together on two rafts for three days, the benefit is really that you get to k now each other not only by name but also more details about each other. The first activity of the weekend was all about that: Each of the four teams had to sit down on the way out to the anchoring place and get to know a minimum of six details about each other and know them so well that you could introduce any member of your team to the whole group. The six details were the name, the nationality, the place of residence, the languages spoken, the marital status and - in particular - the first naturist experience of the person.

If a member could not remember all these details, the team lost a point. So, was the event a very competitive weekend? Well, it could have been if the teams had taken all the games seriously, but the participants were far too busy having a good time to really care.

Some activities were popular in themselves, such as the body painting, which had a judge panel of Ron and Dao, who announced Kay and Chris the best painted female and male. The Uno and the tooth;pick games also had winners that went to the final medal award ceremony. And if you promise not to tell the naturist fundamentalists, we also had a best bum contest for males and females. Those winners also got medals.

A special medal went to one of the participants whom we knew was a fabulous swimmer. He completed swimming about 1 km over to a nearby island and back again. When you do something crazy like that, you also get an award.

Both Friday and Saturday nights were disco nights. Most of the rafts on the lake have party nights and you can hear their pumping rhythms from far away. We turned on our own music and danced the night away.

Saturday morning we sniffed a bit of yoga exercise but only enough to be able to say that we did what the program demanded. Among others because our instructor could not come for the event. And also because it had been a bit late the night before.

All the photos and videos from the event are shared among the participants only in a group which is only for participants. Selected photos and videos which have been cleared by the participants can be found in a group for all Paid and Premium members. The link to that group is here: https://thailandnaturist.com/groups/natcon-2022-photos/

Included in this report are only photos which all visitors to our website are welcome to enjoy.

Most of the participants were self driving or were passengers in the cars of the self driving members. Well over a handful joined a mini-van with departure from Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok at 7.30 on Friday in order to be at the raft pier at 13.00 the same afternoon.

On the way up to the Srinakarin Dam and back again, we had a stop in Kanchanaburi to have lunch at the floating restaurant next to the bridge. Some self driving members also included a stop at the Erawan Waterfalls.


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  1. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend! Enjoyed the photos. It looks like you were able to hike on land. .  .hiking trail? That is something I would like to see at the next NATCON.

  2. A nice write up and set of photos. Having the lake and trails nearby make it a good location for naturist events. I think its nice to relax and ignore naturist fundamentalists and have fun in our shared nudity by having best knee/elbow/bum competitions. We’re surrounded by each others nudity in social settings, we can’t always look each other in the face only.