Oriental Beach Village Phuket is back!

Oriental Beach Village Phuket is back exactly one a year after it was closed down during the pandemic in November last year.

The resort owner Paulo Richel told the members last year when it was sold off that the new owners wanted to turn it into a retirement home complex. But he kept in touch with them and so many former guests kept requesting to come back to the naturist resort, and eventually the new owners reached an agreement with him to re-open it as Oriental Beach Village Phuket like before.

"I plan to open on 1 December," says a happy Paulo.

"Bookings can be made through the website, which has been enhanced with new photos of the resort".

Oriental Beach Village opened in the autumn of 2019.  The Grand Opening party was celebrated in the weekend of 25-26 October 2019. The location was unique as it was the first among the six Thai naturist resorts that was located on the beach with direct walking access from the center of the resort to the wide beach of the Koh Ko Khao island.

Nobody could have foreseen that less than half a year later, Thailand would close its doors to foreign tourists and remain shut down for almost 2 years.


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