NAT wants to launch “NAT 2.0”

NAT - Naturist Association Thailand - is pushing forward to launch the next stage of NAT in Thailand.

First step is to make NAT independent of any one resort and establish a new contractual foundation for the close relationship needed between each of the resorts and NAT. This upgrade of the relationship followed the agreements among the resorts at the meeting in Phuket on 28 November. It also includes the fundamental change, that as of now, members are entitled to a 10 percent discount on their stay and their day visitor fee, if they show their membership card.

Second step is to change the structure of NAT to have a Secretary General to run the organization. The right candidate is a Thai person with a few years of experience from membership management, event organizing or business development. The job was announced on but both of the two most qualified candidates did not show up for the scheduled interview(!) when NAT shared the detailed job description with them.

The job description demonstrates most clearly what NAT hopes to achieve in the version 2.0.

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