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  1. John Chas Beltran

    Gregers, wish I had seen this before I started my album on the beaches we visited last month. Perhaps I could still post here? Different format and audience for sure. And I have only the introduction to my new album ready at the moment.

    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      Hi John, this is a technical leap forward that I was unaware was possible to develop until I was shown how it could work. It is a great opportunity to publish a story about your search along the coast for that potential naked beach – with a map and lots of photos. Please go ahead! If you need tech help, I am here!

  2. John Chas Beltran

    It does sound like an exciting opportunity. Right now I am working on the album for our European tour and have quite a bit to do yet. Have you looked at what I have posted so far? Once we get the Cha am group together, I will have a lot more material.

  3. joyshekhar

    hi Gregers
    I tried to open the form but it says “You do not have the required user role to use this form”, can you please guide how do have the access