Nine out of ten Thai naturists work naked from home

A survey among members of Naturist Association Thailand shows that an overwhelming 87.4 percent of the members are often naked when working at home. That is 9 out of every 10 naturists who responded. Only 12.6 percent say they are not naked, when working from home.

Among all people working from home, two independent surveys have found that between 11 percent and 29 percent of people world wide like to work naked when working from home.

The naturists responding to this question were 215 naturists out of the total of 1286 naturists, who opened the questionnaire, which was emailed to 3573 members who have opted in to receive emails from Naturist Association Thailand.

One in three members will go to a dedicated naturist resort to be able to work naked or to enjoy working with other naked people. The majority, close to 70 percent, say they do not go to a naturist resort to work naked for various reasons. Distance to nearest resort is the most frequent.

Instead, they work at home or have their own secret spot away from home, where they go and work naked. About half the respondents say, they have such a sweet spot where they can retreat.

Why work naked?

Apart from proving the obvious, that naturist will of course jump at any opportunity to work naked, when the pandemic forced them to work from home, the survey also asked them "Why?"

The answers are astonishingly similar.

"I feel more free when naked."

"Because I feel free and it reduces any distractions"

"It gives me some kind of sense of freedom when I work naked. It also reduces my stress when I work naked."

"It puts me in a relaxed frame of mind. I'm more productive. "

"Extreme good feeling, no hindrance, total freedom, convenient..."

"It feels comfortable to work naked."

"I mostly work naked when I was in my home. My family, me and my wife, are naked in our home mostly."

"The freedom from clothes is so comfortable. It makes me feel so good it helps me work better. It puts me in a calm mental space so I can focus better. "

"Working nude at home is the easiest option for me as there are no nearby naturist locations that I can visit while the COVID pandemic travel restrictions were in place."

"My secret spot away from home are occasional stays at regular hotels to relax or work in the nude while in the room. With the world opening up, I certainly hope to visit some of the naturist resorts in Thailand."

"Because it is comfortable and cool"

"It's easier...clear mind and a clear"

"Hi, why? From earliest days I remember nakedness around the house and this was the way I was brought up."

"Since I'm always naked at home and I'm a freelance web designer and programmer - that means I'm always working naked."

"I just don’t see the point of being clothed in my own room."

"I feel more relax, less worried. Having positive energy in my body. Self esteem in my attitude. More relax in both ways mind and body. Having positive look towards my body. My peace mind gives me better ideas."

"Make a concentration in comfortable environment."

"Its the combination of getting a task done whilst being free of the restrictions of clothing. This freedom allows me to have a clear mind so I can concentrate on the task at hand. I really don't realise that I am naked at the time as it seems natural to me to be in my natural state. Wherever I can I will be naked. It's a pity that this natural state seems so shunned by people in society."

"I love it always and every time naked..also working with home office"

"I live naked at home 24/7 ... I am always working naked at home (inside and / or out). I've been known to wear only a t-shirt (naked from the waist down) to attend "Zoom Meetings" online during the 2020/2021 Covid-19 lockdowns. I'm at my most comfortable and most creative when I'm nude. :-)"

"You can save some time and be more focus on the work"

"I’m more comfortable, and able to concentrate or focus better. Outdoors is even better solo, secluded with the natural elements, a cool breeze, the warm sun. "

"Working naked is pleasant, no need to find the right wardrobe components. "

"I can concentrate more because there is no burden of clothes on me 😂. The sad part is apart from home there is no place in india where I can go out to be naked"

"There is no reason to wear clothes. I am nude all day, and of course, all night. My home is on the 22nd floor and there is a large window but the nearest neighbors are so far away they can't see me. It is very comfortable to be naked all day. I really appreciate the freedom of nudity. Occasionally we go to the roof top and get nude (30th floor) but not to work, just to enjoy the open air freedom. We live in China. You know how few nudist places there are in the PRC but that's one of the few disadvantages of this great country. "

"It helps me focus and work with more efficiency"

"I want to set myself free from garments and release stress in the same way. "

"I feel more free and happy when l am naked. I am working together with a good friend, she also like to be naked when working."

"Being naked makes me feel worry free; working naked somehow relieves me of the stress I go through with work especially at the height of the pandemic when I really need to work from home. I can only wish there is a naturist resort in my place just so to break the monotony of just being naked at home. Being with other naturists would certainly help in relieving stress and our overall mental health. "

"It gives me some kind of sense of freedom when I work naked. It also reduces my stress when I work naked."

"Its a wonderful feeling to be free while working doing a regular job while being naked which normally you wouldn't be able to do in office. "

"As a life long naturist it feels entirely appropriate that I work naked when I can, I'd like to work naked at work if I could. I live nude at home so I see no reason not to remain nude when working at home. I am much more comfortable and relaxed when I am naked, I have no proof to back this up but I think I am probably more productive when I work naked because of the comfort. I don't need to use video much when I work from home so this only affects my nudity occasionally, I wear just a top, similar to what I wear at work - smart casual, when I have to work in a video setting."

"I work from home mostly naked ALL the time. The feeling of being myself, being able to work naked makes me feel closer to nature, less restricted to my own self-being and a sense of freedom and no smothering. My body breathes easier creating less stress, a better feeling of happiness. There is no better feeling than being naked and comfortable within your own naked space."

"I love the feeling of the warm sunshine beaming onto my body as I work outside without the hassle of clothing. "

"I work from home mostly naked ALL the time. The feeling of being myself, being able to work naked makes me feel closer to nature, less restricted to my own self-being and a sense of freedom and no smothering. My body breathes easier creating less stress, a better feeling of happiness. There is no better feeling than being naked and comfortable within your own naked space."

"I am a born naturist and work for an IT company. Being naked makes me more comfortable. I work naked when ever it is possible. I never miss a chance to be naked. Some times i travel to resorts to stay there and work naked."

"I often work naked at home because it's a way of life and I'm most comfortable with myself when I'm naked."

"While we work naked, I mean me and my better half, we feel a full satisfaction with ourselves. That helps us to concentrate more on our work with error free. Even we don't bother to mind whoever is watching us. We even encourage our friends and co-staff to do the same. Also it's also a great encouragement for others those who feel hesitate but want to be naked and work. After all it's a great pleazer to work in a naked environment... Thank you all. "

The pleasure of home nudity

If you have come this far, it means you enjoy the various replies. So please read on! Some replies are more elaborate than others and touch more on the pleasure overall of being nude.

"I always like fresh air hitting my skin."

"Naturism is natural liking. Whenever I get an opportunity to spend time without clothes gives me lot of comfort and pleasure. Because of social structure, it is difficult to live without clothes but like to be and promote also. I have been to a naturism resort in Thailand and was a great experience - can not be explained in words."

"I am now retired and as my time is my own I prefer to remain naked after I have my morning shower. Any work I need to do on my laptop i do naked, showing topless, this includes online video using Skype or What'App. My textile friends, when on-line, are sometimes motivated too and I encourage them to sample the nudist lifestyle. Many do visit in person and I am heartened when they undress and join me naked for the duration of their visit. There have been some "converts" to the lifestyle and hopefully the numbers will grow."

"Unless I'm out in public, I'm always naked. I own a home in the Dominican Republic in a naturist community and do everything naked. At home in Scotland, I am always naked when I'm at home. Working, relaxing, cooking etc."

"At home, my family are accepting of my choice so it isn't a problem to sit and the desk or kitchen table to work. In Cambodia, there is no opportunity for public nudism. (sad face!) Thank you."

"It’s free and liberating.."

"I love, love, love being clothes free!"

"Just the freedom & excitement that I can do it as I please. "

"I feel more relaxed, less worried, have positive energy in my body. Self esteem in my attitude. More relax in both mind and body. Having positive look towards my body. Taking care of my body will increase. My peace mind gives me better ideas."

"It is a new experience which you will never know unless you try it."

"I am a Naturist. That should say it all. It is cooler and more comfortable to do so. I also garden naked and that takes things to a much higher level. Naturism is all about nature and being outdoors. I would contend that naked activities that take place indoors are not really "naturist" . . .you cant take "Nature" out of "Naturist" . . . .you are then left with a meaningless "-ist""

"My family consists of my teen son, daughter, mother and husband. We are all full time naked inside our home and enjoying naturism all the time. "

"I feel comfortable when i'm naked. I often sit naked reading or working on the balcony of my room. My room is on the side overlooking the garden, there is no house on this side. Every morning I sit naked and drink coffee on the balcony. Get regular morning sunlight. Sometimes I invite my neighbors to sit naked for coffee and chat in the afternoon on the balcony. The sun goes to the other side of the building, the sea breeze blows coolly. My friend is Australian, he likes to get naked too. We talked about getting naked on the beach in Australia. He is from Perth. Western Australia. I told him I used to walk naked on Scarborough Beach in the city of Perth. We just got to know each other in Jomtien, Pattaya. He invited me to visit Perth next year. We'll go naked at the beach together. We discussed whether to find time to travel to Koh Larn. and find a beautiful beach naked. This month is the rainy season. It rains every day. We think that we will go to Koh Lan after this rainy season. I think we'll find a cheap place to stay on the island for a few days. I want to take a photo naked from a beautiful corner and put it on the Naturist Association website. Like I've photographed naked at riverside hotels and hot springs in Chiang Mai and put them on the Naturist Association website."


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  1. Quite true. whenever i can, i work naked. it helps that my girlfriend is a naturist too.

  2. A question to ask ourselves: how many jokes did we all hear during the covid period about people not wearing pants/skirts on zoom? Those of us who are more pure naturists are not alone; most people are more relaxed in their underwear and some of us are most relaxed with even less clothing. For me, it’s a shirt while on zoom and naked the rest of the day working from home. 🙂