Skinny dip for a cause

This Saturday, 9 July 2022, Naturist Association Thailand encourages anyone who wants to support the good cause of the Fistula Foundation to go for a naked dip in the pool at one of the member resorts in Thailand, Chan Resort, Barefeet Naturist Resort, Peaceblue Naturist Resort Phuket, Oasia Villa Phuket.

At the counter, you will be able to give a donation of 999,- THB (or as you please..) to the charity of the year, which the International Skinny Dip Day organization has selected to be the Fistula Foundation.

No time or don't want to skinny dip? Well, then skip the dip and support the cause anyway!

What good does the Fistula Foundation do?

Fistula Foundation supports poor women in poor countries with the cost of a simple operation after a prolonged childbirth to restore their vagina and close the fistula - the opening between the vagina and the bladder or the vagina and the rectum - so that they will again be able to control their urine or feces. Often, these unfortunate women are being outcast of their community and left by their husbands for this smelly disability.

In Thailand, this complication after a prolonged childbirth is handled by the public healthcare system. Any woman who encounters this problem will be able to get an operation for free at a public hospital. The Fistula Foundation helps women in less fortunate countries like Bangladesh and Nepal.

The Global Leader In Fighting Fistula

After a decade of growth, Fistula Foundation is now the global leader in the battle against obstetric fistula. To date, the foundation has partnered with more than 120 partner hospitals and field organizations in 33 countries in Africa and Asia.

On average, one fistula surgery costs only $598. NAT has set its target at supporting the operation for 2 women in this world. That is a small contribution but a life changer for the two unfortunate women, that we can help.

Please help!

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