Chan Konim has passed away

Mr Chan Konim passed away peacefully on the night of Tuesday 26 of July 2022. He leaves behind his wife, Mrs Wanpen "Dao" Konim and his son, his daughter in law and son in law and their three grand children, all of whom have over the years helped running Chan Resort in Pattaya, which Mr Chan and Mrs Dao opened on 15 September 2011.

When Naturist Association Thailand first came into contact with Mr. Chan, he was the owner of another Chan Resort, which was located near the current resort. His daughter in law Khun Jaa was also at that time helping him and we contacted them to ask if we could rent the resort for a weekend exclusively for our members. Mr. Chan agreed and was our chef at the grill at the evening BBQ.

Next day, Mr. Chan told Bruce Kendall, who was at that time still not a permanent resident of Thailand, that he had enjoyed the evening because the naturists were so well behaved and did not sit and sing drunken songs untill four in the morning

Bruce asked him, why he did not convert the resort to be a naturist resort. Mr. Chan said it was not possible because the resort was already sold, but he was looking into building another resort on another piece of land owned by his sister nearby. That became the start of a close friendship between Mr. Chan and Mr. Bruce who offered all his expertise in helping the current Chan Resort become the first naturist resort in Pattaya.

It is telling of the fragile situation of naturism at the time that instead of outright declaring the resort for a naturist resort, the slogan of the Chan Resort became "The Most Naturist Friendly Resort in Thailand". The old resort was renamed Chan Twin resort and was for a while also "naturist friendly".

Mr. Chan and his wife Khun Dao remain close friends of Bruce Kendall and his wife Jai Kendall untill today.

Funeral rites for Mr. Chan will take place every evening for the rest of this week at Wat Chai Mongkron in Pattaya Tai - VIEW IN GOOGLE MAPS  The cremation will take place at the temple on Sunday 31 July 2022.

Members and friends of Mr. Chan are encouraged to join this opportunity to show their respect to Mr Chan and his family. Every evening the monks at the temple will come at around 18.00 and sit and chant prayers for Mr. Chan.

Members and friends are also invited for the funeral itself on Sunday 31 July. This will also be an opportunity to join Naturist Association Thailand in giving our condolences to Mrs Wanpen "Dao", the daughter in law Khun Jaa, the son in law Khun Ae and the granddaughter Khun Miu. We are deeply grateful to all of them for their steadfast support of the growing naturist movement in Thailand and the rest of Asia.

If you are not able to be there in person, NAT encourages you to to send your contribution to the bank account of Khun Wanpen Koniem, Kasikornbank 5102166665.

Photo: Bruce Kendall
Photo: Bruce Kendall
Mr. Chan Konim was not himself a naturist, but in an interview on this occasion when we celebrated the 8 year anniversary of Chan Resort, he declared "I have never regretted going for a naturist resort." Photo: Disraporn Yatprom


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  1. We have lost a pioneer of dynamism in business, a person of immense humility and humbleness. We met several times and the respect always grew between us. I will do the needful for the family. May the departed noble soul rest in eternal peace. Om Shaanti!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that Mr Chan has passed away. I last saw him in March of this year and was able to talk with him briefly. I have stayed at Chan resort many times and will be back in November but the place will not be the same without Mr Chan. My condolences to Mrs Chan,Ja and family. My thoughts are with you. Colin.

  3. I haven’t been there for a few weeks. I am saddened to read this now and my gratitude and condolences go to all his family at this sad time. Thank you sir for being such a pioneer.

  4. Ohh My God, what a sad news, he was a very nice man. I still remember him doing the barbeque for us while greggers and me were singing rhinestone cowboy at the karaoke by the pool. sad….May his soul rest in peace

  5. So sorry to hear that Mr Chan has passed away suddenly. Col and I send our condolences from New Zealand to the family of this great man who has always supported the naturist lifestyle in Thailand. We stayed at Chan Resort many times and always found Mr Chan gracious and supportive. RIP Mr Chan.