Naturism in Thailand – from the archive

In June 2013, V.M Simandan, a Beijing-based Romanian-born Certified Positive Psychology & Mindfulness Practitioner and Coach, wrote an article on the early years of naturism in Thailand.

His article is based on the online publication "NAT".  Published on in December 2012 by Bruce Kendall, "NAT" was the first publication in Thailand about naturism since the publication in 1931 of Salin Foothai's booklet on Nikom Arbdad.

Simandan sums up an article in this NAT magazine by Gregers Moller explaining the Thai Penal Code Book 3, Petty Offences, Section 388: "Whoever,  doing  any  shameful  act  in  public  by  indecently  exposing  oneself's  person,  or by committing the other indecent act, shall be fined not out of five hundred Baht."

"Public" is defined by the Penal Code as ""Public way" means a land or waterway used by the public for traffic, and includes a railway or tramway used for public conveyance; "Public place" means a place to which the public has a right of entry;"

Simandan quotes Gregers Moller: "“As naturists are not exposing themselves in public, there is no offence committed. The law does not regulate nudity in private and we are therefore only nude in private resorts or homes. That said, we would like to see some sections of beaches or remote beaches being defined as clothing-optional out of view of people who dislike seeing undressed people.”

Read V.M Simandan's article here: Naturism in Thailand - V.M. Simandan

Bruce Kendall's exceptional publication "NAT" is available for reading here:

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