How to get the most out of this website?

The website of NAT is a sophisticated creation. We all know how the basic operation works, because it is so similar to Facebook. That's why it is quite easy to use by intuition.

The main thing is, you have to be a member to enjoy all the member features. All memberships must be linked to an email - it is not yet possible to be linked with a mobile phone number or WhatsApp ID.

Channels for joining

We have several channels for joining as a member - at least one of them should work for you regardless in which country you live.

  1. Buy when you check-in. You can become a NAT-member at the counter of any of the partner resorts of Naturist Association Thailand. You just need to allow them to send your email to the membership manager [email protected] and pay the membership fee for a full year (365 days) to the resort. The fee is 1.000 THB for a Standard Membership and 1.600 THB for a Premium Membership.
    The Premium Membership is also called an International Membership, because you will get the INF-FNI stamp on your membership card and that you can use to access all the affiliated resorts worldwide.
         Buying the membership at a resort is a great way to support naturism in Thailand. The membership will costs you the same, but the resort earns 40 percent of your membership.
  2. Buy in NATShop. You can buy the membership directly in the NATShop on this website. You can also buy it at the webshop of In both locations, you can use either PayPal or a credit card or debit card.
  3. Bank transfer. You can make a bank transfer of the membership fee to our bank account in Thailand, That is the easiest way for members in Thailand, where the digitalisation of money is quite advanced. See the for the account details.
    Once the membership is paid, it is crucial that you email the slip to [email protected]. Otherwise, we will consider your payment a kind donation from an anonymous friend. Please use or mention the email that you would like the membership to be linked to.

Now, you are a member!

Once you are a member, you will receive an email with login instructions. The first thing you should do is to set your own password to something accepted by the system. We don't allow for too easy passwords because we don't want your friends to hack your account and post weird photos in your name. Don't worry, the system will keep pushing you until it is satisfied with the complexity of your password.

The next thing you should do is to fill out your profile. In particular you must upload a profile photo of yourself to gain the trust of other members. Most members will reject a connection / friends request from someone with the standard profile photo of a jumping man like in our logo. Now you are there, also upload a nice background cover photo instead of the flower bed we have as a standard.

Now is the time to introduce yourself on the main activity page where other members can see you. Just a few words, maybe mentioning where you live. That will usually trigger a few "Welcome" responses from other members - and your new naturist network is growing already 🙂

Uploading photos

We all know how the basic operation works, because it is so similar to Facebook. That's why it is quite easy to use by intuition.

The only thing that needs to be explained once in a while is how to share one or more photos with your post. After you have written your post, the camera icon serves a dual purpose: it allows you to attach a photo and also capture one directly if you're using a smartphone. The attachment icon is meant for files such as PDFs and Word documents. Meanwhile, some members use the attachment icon for sharing photos, but it is of course not a big problem.

Once you have posted your update, and see the spelling mistake you made, you can click the three little dots at the message and edit the post - or delete the whole thing if you've changed your mind.

Uploading video clips

If you want to make a quick recording of something and share it with the members, you can use the video icon right away and use your mobile phone camera to record the video clip. You can also use the same icon for uploading a video that you have saved on your devide. Just click the icon, navigate to the mpeg4 file and upload it. There are limits to how many MB your video can be, but most short clips should not be affected.

If you share a link to a video that is alredy upoaded on youtube or vimeo, the video pre-view window will pop up and the video with start to play. Save and the video will play for the other users, when they click on it.

Renewing your membership

Five days before your membership period expires, you will get an automatically generated reminder from the website. You can easily pay with your NATCoins by transferring the amiount of your renewal to @centralbank . On the day of expiry, you will get a final warning. The next day, your account will be downgraded to "Subscriber" level which doesn't give you access to all the fun stuff for members.

If you still don't do anything to renew your membership, your account will a few days later be suspended. You will receive a third email, when that happens. Then your account will be invisible and your naturist friends will no longer be able to contact you through the website and your photos and videos will no longer be visible to other members.

You can, however, at this point still reactivate your account by using one of the payment channels above. The option to pay with your NATCoins will no longer be available since you cannot log into your account.

If a member has set up automatic renewal through PayPal, and if there is enough funds on the account or if the credit card linked to the account is still valid, the same thing will happen as described above. You can then either manually renew the subscription through PayPal or cancel the subscription in PayPal and pay annually with one of the channels mentioned above.

If you forget to cancel the subscription with PayPal, you risk that next year, when you do have funds enough, you will end up paying membership double. That happens every month for one or two members.


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