NATCON’24 was overall … great!

The NATCON'24 event was overall "well organized", "quite exciting" and participants will "definitely" join a NATCON in the future. This is the overall conclusion of a Attendee Feedback Survey conducted by one of the members immediately after the event.

Total participation was 126 naturists, 36 of them took the feedback survey. Here are the results question by question.

The vast majority would likely join another NATCON, some would maybe join. Nobody thought it would be "unlikely" that they would ever join another NATCON.


The vast majority thought the accommodation was Excellent or Good while only a few found the accomodation Average. Nobody said that it was Poor.


While most of the participants were Satisfied or Neutral regarding the quality of the meals provided, a few were Dissatisfied.


All respondents said the event was Well organized or were Neutral.


While most were positive or moderately positive there were also a few who were "dissatisfied" with the games and activities offered.


The majority characterized the event as "Quite Exciting".


A significant number of participants found the event too short. Even though there were more who found it was the right length, adding optional days before or after the main event could be an idea?


A vast majrity would Maybe or Definitely recommend NATCON to their family and friends. Some found it "Unlikely" - but maybe that is because nobody among their family or friends know that they are naturists?


The free text part of the survey gave a wealth of input to what could be improved in the coming NATCON events. Most critical remarks were related to the photo policy and how the official photographers executed their task. Several constructive remarks were about how the teams could be formed and members could become friends with other members from the beginning of the event.

Currently, NATCON'25 is looking for a new location. Not because the location for NATCON'24 was bad, but because it is a tradition that NATCON moves around. In fact, improving on the lovely Purimas Beach Hotel and Spa will be difficult - especially as the limit for what the event may cost has probably been reached. From the feedback survey, beach access similar to what the participants enjoyed in 2023 seems to be a priority.



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