Naturism on track to recover after Covid

The famous naturist globe trotter, Nick and Lins from have stayed at and reviewed all the current - and past - naturist resorts in Thailand.

A total of 4367 room nights were sold during the first half of 2023 by all the naturist resorts in Thailand that are partnering with Naturist Association Thailand. This is close to the record breaking 4569 rooms sold during the first half of 2020 - the year that was crippled by the outbreak of the Covid pandemic during the second half of that year.

Comparing growth rates only for the first six months of the year, the current year is not as impressive as previous growth rates. From 2016 to 2017, the growth was 90 percent, in 2018 the growth was 65 percent, in 2019 the growth was 18 percent. The current year 2023 is still not on par with 2019.

1310 rooms
2487 rooms
4094 rooms
4829 rooms
4569 rooms
4367 rooms

It is important to remember, that Pre-Covid, there were many more naturist resorts than today that were participating in the Naturist Association Thailand survey. The index currently includes Chan Resort in Pattaya, Barefeet Resort in Bangkok, Peace Blue Resort in Phuket, Oasis Villa in Phuket and Oriental Beach in PhangNga.

During Covid, Phuan Naturist Village in Pattaya and Barefeet Naturist Resort Trang closed down. Post-Covid, some new resorts have opted out of the partnership.

The graph above shows the total room nights in a specific month year by year during the past 8 years.





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