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Armand Jamier, INF President elected 2016

INF: New President – New Focus on online visibility

French naturist Armand Jamier was on Saturday 19 November 2016 elected as new President of the International Naturist Federation, replacing Sieglinde Ivo, who has served as the INF President for a number of years. The outcome was emotional for some, one delegate even broke  into tears when the  result of the secret balllot was announced. […]

Second day of INF … is there a battle within?

Naturist Association Thailand was busy throughout the second day of the INF congress in New Zealand to decode the power struggle between the different member countries. One battlefront was simple to decode - it was about if the countries, who contribute most money to the INF, should also have more voting power than the countries […]

INF struggling ro restructure

The first day of the INF Congress in Wellington  revealed an organisation struggling with coping with change. Never before have there been this amount of proposals for changes to bylaws presented for discussion and voting as well as proposals of a more general nature. The first day passed or rejected five motions for changes of […]

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Bangkok Post prints special feature on naturism

Mr. Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai - an investigative news reporter with Bangkok Post - interviewed on Monday 7 November 2016 a handful of naturists in Thailand together with Naturist Association Thailand's founders Gregers Moller and Disraporn Yatprom. This Sunday, 13 November 2016, his in-depth feature appeared in Spectrum under the headline "Answering naturism's call" Read it here: Answering naturism's […]

Coconuts Bangkok: Bare it all with owners of Bangkok’s only nudist resort

Coconuts Bangkok published on 28 September 2016 an interview with Disraporn Yatprom and Gregers Moller about naturism in Thailand. By Prae Sakaowan . From the outside, Barefeet Naturist Resort appears just like any other Thai home in the residential area of Lad Phrao — large traditional wooden doors, white paint and tree ferns —  but the […]

Thailand fast becoming a popular destination for naturists | SCMP

South Chima Morning Post: Thailand is fast turning into a naturist destination thanks to four exclusive resorts, and soon a campsite, opened by Danish couple. Elsewhere, some resorts include a section for nudists By Elaine Yau Thailand, though, is fast becoming a popular destination for naturists, thanks to a Danish couple who have set up […]