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Gender Balance in Naturism | Female Naturist
I don't know.. Western Societies some times need it but in my mind Asian don't. North American women often need much more courage to visit a nudist club for their first time than men do.  ( It's interesting to note, though, that women frequently find their first visit so comfortable and relaxing that they are more enthusiastic about returning than Continue Reading
Desnudas | How Painted Boobs Are Threatening NYC
How did painted female breasts suddenly become NYC's biggest public issue? Read Felicity's report on the topfree desnudas of Times Square. Source: Desnudas | How Painted Boobs Are Threatening NYC A mom takes a photo of her young kid with a desnudas in Times Square NYC
Why I’m Burning My Bikini Top | Immodest proposal | OZY
It’s time for women — not the government or FCC or schools — to decide what we’re going to wear and when.Which is why, much the same way second-wave feminists burned their bras, I’ll be ditching my bikini top this summer. Who decided it’s OK for Vladimir Putin to parade around topless but not women? And no, this is not Continue Reading

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