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8th NATCON probably the best ever

The 8th NATCON which took place in the weekend of Friday 3 May to Sunday 5 May 2019 was packed with action - if you wanted to join in. It was also great place to just hang around if you should decide to drop out from the planned schedule. The 125 naturists who participated in […]

New INF organisation is born

The International Naturist Federation INF-FNI held on 26-27 April 2019 its first Board meeting since the World Congress in Lisbon in October 2018. Two of the current six members of the board were new on the board, Rosita Dal Soglio and Christoph Mueller. Gregers Moller - Non-EU Assessor on the board and Founder of Naturist […]

Oriental Beach Village Phuket – first naturist resort directly on the beach

Naturist Association Thailand is proud to present to you the latest naturist resort in Thailand, this is the ultimate Thai naturist destination - the only one directly located on the tropical beach! Tropical forests surrounds the resort and the turquoise waters reflect at sunset. Oriental Beach Village Phuket is a small, friendly complex of villas […]

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Pornographic young men – is it naturism?

Pornographic images of a group of young Thai men showing themselves in erotic positions out door and posted on a Facebook account made news in early June 2018. Thai TV channel True4U invited Gregers Moller of Naturist Association Thailand in the studio to explain to TV Presenter Wasamon Chuangpreecha if this was naturism and - […]

Review: Chan Resort in Pattaya, Thailand

Nick & Lins, Chan Resort was fully booked while we were there with an interesting mix of Thai, Australians, French, a couple from Hong Kong and several others of whom we have no idea where they were from. Most of the visitors were couples or single men. During the day there were also a number […]

Review: Oriental Village Chiang Mai Thailand

Nick & Lins, "When we walked through the gate of The Oriental Village, the only word that immediately came to mind was: "WOW". What a beautiful place, something we could have never expected when the taxi driver dropped us off in front of the building at the end of the road. Maybe it was the […]




  1. Karl

    1. It is important that all naturist resorts are 100% naturist and that goes for staff as well. I recently visited a place where after talking to staff came away with the feeling that staff thought us to be strange and funny people. If staff are not naturist themselves then they should not be working there.

    I know that there is a business case for being clothes optional but this makes it awkward for local thais who want to be naturist but afraid that they may run across friends visiting who are not naturist. For example in one of the resorts than employ myanmar staff i know that myanmar naturist will not visit that resort as this would be fround upon by the staff and not being akin to their culture.

    Some practive measures need to be taken to encourage thais to become naturist.

    Otherwise thumbs up for the magnificent efforts.

  2. Karl

    Has anyone conducted a survey of NAT members to determine how many support the notion of:
    1. Ensuring 100% naturism of people visiting a naturist resort/club in thailand;
    2. All staff being naturist during work (maybe given a grace period of 1 month from commencement to become naturist);
    3. Resorts/clubs making available gender statistic of visitors attending their venues.
    4. Ensuring that some rooms have twin beds for family members.