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Trying out the Nude Yoga class

Nude Yoga is the latest activity offer from Naturist Association Thailand. Every Friday at 16.00, a good handful of participants show up at Barefeet Naturist Association in Bangkok to join in the fun exercise - which is harder work that it looks. Nude yoga feels exciting and liberating. We believe that Barefeet Naturist Resort is […]

Dragonfly Naturist Village – latest resort in Thailand

Dragonfly Naturist Village, Thailand's latest naturist resort, will be ready to open in the spring of 2021. The resort is located north of Pattaya a short distance off the motorway from Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi airport. When Dragonfly Naturist Village opens, it will be the largest naturist resort in Thailand with almost 10.000 sq.m. of land. […]

My first experience of social naturism

Hello everyone, I am not good at writing but will try my level best to share my first experience of social naturism. Throughout my life till the age of 28 years, I always liked of being nude but nobody was accepting it in my family or friends or any of my contacts. But I usually […]

Fishing trip getting popular

  The naturist fishing boat trip on Sunday 22 November 2020 had 11 participants which was more than double the participants on the first boat trip 4 October. The island we visited was the tiny Koh Nok, which is not very well visited. While anchoring there, it was possible to swim ashore if you had […]

The Nude Fishing Trip is here to stay!

Naturist Association Thailand's first nude fishing boat trip was a success right out of the box! Next trip is already scheduled for Sunday 1 November 2020, (Join now!) We will be leaving from Pattaya at 8.00 and going to the tiny island Koh Nok about ten kilometers north west of Pattaya. The boat will stop […]

PattayaOne interviews Naturist Association Thailand and Chan Resort

PattayaOne Director Dave D interviewed on 12 September 2020 "Khun Jaa" of Chan Resort together with Gregers Moller and Bruce Kendall of Naturist Association Thailand. The interview was a PodCast and later released on both FaceBook and Youtube. During the lively chat, Dave D explored how "Jaa" first felt when she was naked, the story […]

Fun Sports and Games Day at Barefeet

The Sports and Games Day at Barefeet in Bangkok on Saturday 22 August 2020 was fun and engaging and ended in a nice After Party. Tom "Supote" and Gregers set both a new Barefeet record in swimming distance on a single breath. The time was not recorded, but they did four laps - 40 meters […]

First Thailand Naturist Sports Day

  The first in a series of planned Thailand Naturist Sports Days accross Thailand took place on Saturday 15 August 2020 at Phuan Naturist Village in Pattaya. The number of participants that were able to join was limited, but that did in no way spoil the day. A heavy shower in afternoon did, however, spoil […]

My best years as a naturist

My best naturist story is not a single event, but events that span several years. I was with my then wife and our 2 boys driven to Krk, an island in northern Croatia, which was then part of Yugoslavia. That was in 1989 and we had rented the first floor of a house. One of […]

The growing of Naturism in Taiwan

Taiwan has a great advantage when it comes to practicing naturism among the East Asian countries. It has a tremendous variety of mountain sceneries and shores which gives a big advantage, but most importantly is the freedom of the people. Taiwanese can choose freely who they want to be. Since the first small naturist group […]

Unique mix of naturists and nude drawing artists

A unique mix of Thai and international life drawing artists and naturists met on 28 June for an afternoon of fun and art production at Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok. The event was organized by Kristin Plumlee from Naturist Association Thailand and Artist Benjawan Wisitsorakrai, who earlier this spring had set up the first […]

Nude Drawing Day

A group of artists who meet regularly in Bangkok to sketch or draw nude models will meet on Sunday 28 June at Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok with members of Naturist Association Thailand. "The joint event gives our members the rare opportunity to try to be nude models as a group or as individuals and […]

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