Have fun with International Skinny Dipping Day 2019!

The second Saturday in July has officially been designated as International Skinny Dipping Day by AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation. In 2019, it will take place on Saturday July 13th.

Naturist Association Thailand is taking up this challenge. We invite you to celebrate this great day of personal freedom along with hundreds of other naturists around the world. This will be the first time this day will be observed in Thailand, so we will also be setting the first national record for simultaneous skinny dipping!

Here is what you have to do:
On Saturday 13 July 2019, visit your favourite member resort of Naturist Association Thailand. The skinny dipping record will take place in the privacy of these resorts. See the list here!

At 13.45 everybody will get into the pool and be ready. At exactly 14.00, when the bell rings or the whistle blows, we will count how many people there are in the pools at each of the resorts and take a photo to document this number. The numbers from each resort will be added up to a grand total for Thailand and announced here on the website of Naturist Association Thailand.

In the US, non-naturists are encouraged to join with naturists and free themselves of their clothes and inhibitions by taking a dip au natural in their backyard pool, a secluded spot on a river or lake, at a sanctioned nude beach or at one of AANR’s 180 clubs and resorts throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In Thailand, Naturist Association Thailand likewise wishes to encourage anyone with a private pool - do not do it anywhere in public! - to join in the fun by arranging a home party for friends willing to take the naked plunge at exactly 14.00 and send the documenting photo to [email protected]. The official numbers will be updated as we receive documented private Skinny Dipping reports from the general public.

Many of the member resorts of Naturist Association Thailand have created special offers related to the Skinny Dipping fun.

Phuan Naturist Village is offering a weekend package involving a fun evening after the Skinny Dip record with live band, karaoke and dancing. The prices range from putting up a tent to accommodation with full dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Check out the details here: https://thailandnaturist.com/events/int-skinny-dip-party/

Barefeet Naturist Resort is throwing a Pool and Foam Party after the Skinny Dipping Record. Check out the details here: https://barefeetnaturistresort.com/event/world-skinny-dipping-record/

The International Skinny Dipping Day serves as the culminating event during National Nude Recreation Week ( July 7-14, 2019 ), an AANR tradition for 44 years. This week-long celebration provides an opportunity for individuals and families to visit clothing-optional clubs affiliated with AANR or The Naturist Society (TNS), and experience firsthand naturism or nudism which is one of the fastest growing trends in both travel and recreation. Activities there includes open houses, dance parties, sports tournaments, chili cook-offs, “bare buns fun runs,” health screenings, art shows, and more.

The INF-FNI - International Naturist Federation - has designated the first day in the week, July 7 2019, as World Naturist Day in the Northern hemisphere. In the Southern hemisphere it will be observed the 8. December 2019.


Skinny Dipping Day
In the USA, Skinny Dipping Day has been observed for some time. This photo is from a resort in Oregon. In Thailand, this year will be the first where the day will be observed.

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  1. Great!!! I b in Peace Blue on this particular date n lm glad to b part of this International Skinny Dipping Day that is introduce by NAT for the very 1st time.
    Looking forward to this brand new event.

    1. Hi Aven, good to hear that you will be at Peace Blue. I have not heard from Patty what she will arrange but something will happen ! Otherwise YOU will have to make it happen 🙂

      1. Hi Gregers,
        Patty, Golf n me wil make this event happen! Bad come to worse, at least u hv only me in d pool, that is a promised. haha.
        I hope more will join this event by just dropping in at whichever naturist resort that is closest to u on that very Sat afternoon.
        Let’s make this meaningful event a brilliant one for NAT