Cancelled: Naked Jungle Run in October

Plans to meet up for a Naked Jungle Run has been cancelled. Concerns have been raised that the run could be seen as offensive which we have always gone to a great length to avoid. The run has therefore been taken off the event calendar with immediate effect and any member who had already signed up will be refunded.


jungleNaturist Association Thailand invites members and wish-they-were members for a naked run in the jungle on 23 October 2016. The run will be a short jogging walk of 2.5 km or a regular run of 5 km. More keen runners can make 10 km by running back to the starting point.

The run will take place in the morning at 6.30 on Sunday 23 October 2016. The event will start on Saturday and the run Sunday morning will be the culmination of a general outdoor activity member get-together starting on Saturday. The weekend is the long weekend of the Chulalongkorn Day where Monday is a compensation day..

The location is in the Wang Nam Kiao District 3,5 to 4 hours north east of Bangkok - perfect for members in Nakorn Ratchasima. The exact location of the run and how to get there by public transportation or private car will be communicated only to the participants themselves in order to avoid paparazzi photographers.

Saturday afternoon will offer some fun nude activities that the members can join as they arrive. In the evening, we will have dinner together. You must bring your own meal. For heating and grilling, we will light up the grill. When it is time for bed you can either camp out in your own tent or sleep in a shared dormitory room. The accommodation cost for either way is the same, 450 Thai baht.

Sunday morning we will get up early to avoid the heat. At 6 o'clock sharp, we will drive you on pick up trucks to the starting line. The route that we will enjoy jogging or running is a red gravel forest road in a beautiful, natural forest area. The upward elevation over the 5 km from the start to the finishing line is a combined 87 meter and the downward elevation a combined 113 meter. Especially on the downward hills, the runners are advised to be very careful, as the ground may be slippery and the road is a gravel road.

After the run we will drive you back to the campground for morning coffee and breakfast followed by the award ceremony.

The event will be documented but only by our own photographers and no other cameras are allowed. We will write a number on your shoulder and if there is a line under the number, it means you cannot appear in the VDO and/or photos. The colour of the number will indicate if the participant is doing the short, medium or long distance.

Ideally, the participants should be as naked as practically possible. At least nothing worn between neck and knee. A cap, sweat bands or other head gear is allowed; as are shoes, sandals, and socks. If your breast will bounce painfully, some support maybe needed - we are naturist, we are not stupid. Each participant will be asked to bring a small plastic bag to but your street clothes in as you will be disrobing in the jungle. Your name on a paper clearly visible through the bag or taped to the outside of the bag will be helpful in identifying your bag once the race is over.

Participants must not display any nudity to or from the race route, as travel will be in public view.

Cost for participation and breakfast is 450 Thai Baht.
Only Ordinary Members or Premium Members can join the event. Open the event and pay here. 
Free subscribers can buy a package that includes upgrade to Ordinary Membership.  Open the event and pay here. 
Non-members can register as Free subscribers and then buy the upgrade package. Start registration here.

Tentative program

Saturday 22 October 2016:
Arrival 14.00 - 15.00 (if leave Bangkok at 10.00 - 11.00)
Games 15.00 - 17.00
Pot luck BBQ - 18.00 - 20.00 - bring your food and let's share around the grill
Naked Jungle disco - 20.00 - 22.00
Early bedtime - 22.00

Sunday 23 October 2016
Wake-up 06.00
Naked Jungle Run - 06.30 - 07.30
Breakfast - 08.00
Award Ceremony - 09.00
Games - 09.30 - 12.00
Pizza Lunch - 12.00 - 13.00 (shared cost)
Pack up and leave - 13.00 - 14.00 (back in Bangkok 17.00 - 18.00)





    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      Dear Ajjay,
      You are a Premium Member and you will therefore soon receive a direct invitation to join the race.
      Others will have to submit their membership application here:
      They will have to select either the Ordinary or the Premium category, since the free registration does not qualify to participate in activities, but is a great way to keep in touch with the Naturist Association Thailand and receive news and invitations directly by email.
      But for you, it is easy. Sit back and wait for your direct invitation.
      See you at the finishing line!

  1. Harpreet


    I will join but i am not sure if i will be able to reach the venue easily. Also, what about the saturday and sunday night stay, what is the name of the nearby resort where we can stay?
    I will book the room there because i will be travelling alone and need some hotel stay for immigration purpose.
    Please reply soon so that i can book my flight tickets and check my budget.

  2. Gregers Moller Post author

    Dear Harpreet , for immigration purpose I am happy to provide you with a reservation for staying at Barefeet. As for transportation we will all face the same situation so we will find a solution for all that come from abroad. I hope you can live with the discretion we exercise in this matter but rest assured we will not leave you stranded in Bangkok.

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