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If you were redirected here, your level of membership is too low. In particular, Free Subscribers can not access any of the social links like messages, profile, and other links where you interact with other members. Interaction with other members requires Paid Membership. Read more about permission levels below.

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  • Free members will receive our newsletters - usually monthly.
  • Free members can see the list of events for naturists in Thailand - but to join an event you have to upgrade to Paid or Premium Member.
  • Free members can write comment on all posts and articles on the website just like paying members.
  • Simply by signing up you will also help support the spread of the naturist / nudist lifestyle in Thailand.

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The next level is PAID MEMBER which enables the member to do all over the above, plus

  • Paid members are allowed to participate in the online social community for Naturist Association Thailand members.
    - they can see the profile of other members and build up their own profile
    - they can send and receive messages with the other members publicly or privately
    - they can post photos on their timeline and share them with other members and see the photos they have posted on their profiles.
    - they can on become "Friends" with other members which gives more freedom in chatting and sharing photos among friends. Photos may for instance be shared with friends only and not with all members - you are fully in control of this.
  • Paid members can join the events that are announced in the Calendar and by email. (Free subscribers must upgrade if they want to join any event).
  • Paid members can bring one (1) friend to join our naturist events. (Accompanying members join under the responsibility of the Paid member himself/herself).
  • Paid members will receive the latest copy of the Bare@ll magazine by email. The magazine is for members only and not for sharing.


The highest level is PREMIUM MEMBER which enables the member to do all that you can see above is available for Free members and Paid members. In addition to that, the Premium member enjoys a few more privileges.

  • Premium members can bring up to 3 more friends to the trips and events.
  • Premium members receive by postal mail the Bare@ll member magazine.
  • Premium members receive the plastic card sized INF-FNI passport which enables them to visit other naturist facilities world wide as a certified naturist.
  • Premium members also show their much appreciated support for the efforts of Naturist Association Thailand to become more economically sustainable, enabling us to keep developing more and better member activities. Thank you!


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Free[/td2] [td3]

THB 800[/td3][td4]

THB 1,400[/td4]

[td1] Write comments on the websites [/td1] [td2][/td2] [td3][/td3][td4][/td4]

[td1] Access our events calendar [/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] [/td3][td4] [/td4]

[td1] Receive emails from Naturist Association Thailand [/td1] [td2][/td2] [td3][/td3][td4][/td4]

[td1] Receive special offers from Naturist Resorts & Spas [/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] [/td3][td4] [/td4]

[td1] Read our Bare@ll e-magazine online [/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] [/td3][td4] [/td4]

[td1] Become invited to our events[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] [/td3][td4] [/td4]

[td1] Participate in our events[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] [/td3][td4] [/td4]

[td1] Read reports with pics and video from our past events[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] [/td3][td4] [/td4]

[td1] Chat and interact in our social online community [/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] [/td3][td4] [/td4]

[td1]Receive our Bare@ll magazine via email[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3][/td3][td4] [/td4]

[td1]Receive our Bare@ll magazine in the printed paper edition [/td1] [td2][/td2] [td3][/td3][td4][/td4]

[td1]Receive the INF-NFI International Naturist passport [/td1] [td2][/td2] [td3][/td3][td4][/td4]

[td1] Bring non-member guests to events[/td1] [td2]


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  1. Sonu

    One my friend paid for membership. After that he is trying to contact u. H wants to know that do u issue a membership card or number. He has booked himself at a resort . How he should go about as resort will be asking membership details

    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      Yes, Paid and Premium members receive a membership card. It is electronic and fits on a smartphone screen but can also be printed and presented on paper. Free members to currently not receive a membership card.

  2. Randy

    Hi Gregers,
    I paid for the “paid” category a couple of days ago but don’t have full access to the site yet. Will that happen automatically at some point or will you kindly manually put me in? I checked into Barefeet Resort today; so far am enjoying it very much and look forward to ongoing engagement with the association!


    Hi All ,

    I would like to join as paid member but the page I found with PayPal is in Thai language only . If someone can let me know how to get a English page will be nice …

    Many thanks ..


    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      Deep down at the bottom of the PayPal page over to the right is a word “English” and if you click on that the page changes to English. Well hidden 🙂