1. Gregers Moller Post author

      Hi Prasan,
      Under the menu Events, there is a drop-down menu called Past events. The url is this:
      Be aware, that only you and the other Paid and Premium members can see this, so the articles may show photos that should strictly stay within the member protected area. Nothing in there can be re-shared with you or others outside the area reserved for paid membership

  1. Gregers Moller Post author

    Hi Vishal Sonia,
    In April, we have the big Songkran water festival in Thailand. It is usually celebrated at Oriental Village and great fun. Can you make it around 13-14-15 April instead?

    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      I don’t think we will use the airports as drop-off/meetup points. There are too many different arrival times. When you have booked your flight, I can advise you on the best solution to your transportation needs.

  2. James

    Last summer we enjoyed our stay at Lemon Tree resort and at Chan. Hope there are some events planned between July 12 and August 19 this year, when we’ll be in Thailand again and going to Au Naturel, Bali.

    1. Shrty Sid

      You will enjoy Au Natural – the grounds are great… You will have ample time to reconnect with your inner peace.
      However, do not expect much from the beach – its public & nudity not permitted and it Is quite stony to walk or rest on. There are some interesting sea life if you would like to snorkel out 50m into the sea, though… Have fun!

  3. Akshey

    Would there be any Trips between 10-13 November?If not is it possible for you to guide me to any nudist beach near pataya?