PattayaOne interviews Naturist Association Thailand and Chan Resort

PattayaOne Director Dave D interviewed on 12 September 2020 "Khun Jaa" of Chan Resort together with Gregers Moller and Bruce Kendall of Naturist Association Thailand.

The interview was a PodCast and later released on both FaceBook and Youtube.

During the lively chat, Dave D explored how "Jaa" first felt when she was naked, the story of how Chan Resort became the first Naturist Resort in Thailand and the everlasting issues for naturism worldwide like "will my friends drop me if they find out?", "will I get an erection on my first time - and what do I do with it?", "what is naturism good for?".

The show is available - and you can share it - here:


Talking Heads Podcast – The Naturist Way Of Life/ Pattaya Thailand

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