Thai woman talks about becoming a naturist

An interview with a newbie naturist by 4-years experienced naturist for everyone who wonders “What are naturists really?”


Nidnoi is a Thai woman who has been a naturist for 4 years. In this interview in Thai language, she talks to another young Thai woman, who is a newbie naturist and just recently visited a naturist resort for her second time. This interview describes the transformation of the young woman's feeling and perspective toward the naturists.

Nidnoi starts her interview with a question "what was your first thought when you heard about nude resort?" And like every normal people would reply, the young woman says she never knew that there is this kind of place exist in the world and she also had doubt about the point of being naked.

"I did not know there is such a place exist and I did not understand why they have to be naked" she said.

When she first came here, she was not confident about her shape, her skin and felt very uncomfortable to show her body to everyone else. But then her thought changed when she gave herself a second chance and visited the place one more time.

She tells Nidnoi, that on her second time she felt more relax, less worried and it was easier for her to chin up and get naked. She was able to be more herself and do her daily activities like she usual does when she was wearing her clothes.

She said the reason that made her feeling change is because other naturists in the resort did not focus about her shape or her body but they focus more on who she really is.

“Some people may look at you but not with the eyes of judging or harassing you. They will look at you with the friendly eyes like they want to get to know you more.”

The young woman explained to Nidnoi more about what the other naturists really do at the resort. And it turns out that they did not do anything related to sexual activities. Everybody were doing normal things like they actually do in their daily life.

"We eat, we talk, we cook. We do everything like we do when we are not naked," she shared.

The young woman also shared us a story about her friend whom she invited to the nude resort. She says that when her friend first heard about nude resort, her friend asked her the same question she had asked herself “Does this place really exist?".

At first her friend was a kind of person who had low self-esteem and felt unhappy about her body. But at the moment, she opened herself to naturism, it helped her to gain more confidence and shed all her worry, shame and fear of showing who she really is in front of other people.

Nidnoi closed her interview with the last question “Do you think being a naturist has anything related to having sex?”

And it is a surprise that a person who came to the nude resort only two times can give the answer that concluded the exact definition of being a naturist. The young woman answered that at first, she thought that “there is a thin line between being naked and having sex” but now she knew better that it is a whole different thing.

She explains that people come here to get naked and do their usual activities that have nothing to do with having sex. They did not focus about other people’s sex, shape and size and that is the reason that makes her feel free to be herself and made her feel not shy to express who she really is to the world.

Translated by Nilobon Bantoey

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  1. What a wonderful description of this young lady’s experience of adapting herself to social nudism and the naturist environment. And what a perfect model and example for other ladies who might be curious but unsure about what naturism is all about and thus reluctant to “take the plunge” by visiting a resort. Nice work Nidnoi and thank you for the translation, Nilobon. I hope that you have many more interviews planned! It is so interesting to learn about other people’s and, especially, newbies’ first experiences.

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