Bare and learning to swim

After moving from China to live together, my girlfriend JieJie finally moved in in my little cottage on this beautiful island of the Andaman Sea/. So happy, after 3 years of romance to finally get together. JieJie had left a very good job as Manager of a Logistic Company in Shenzhen (close to Hong Kong) to discover "a new kind of life", with me...

We were in love and she liked my lifestyle, eager to discover more of this life on a not too remote island here, in the South of Thailand.

My lifestyle is actually simple, very simple: Running a small hotel on the island, hosting and serving guests but mostly having fun every day close to Nature, the jungle, the beach and the sea...

JieJie loved this island from the very first time.  She discovered it during her first holiday in Thailand with her friend YiYi three years ago.

I met her for the very first time on the Elephant Road one afternoon when she was asking for directions as she was lost. Already then, when we met in the middle of the road, something magic happened! She was so cute, so small while riding a motorbike which looked rather huge when she sat on it. And she was so innocent with her sad eyes asking for help.

"Excuse me" she said with a shy smile, "can you help me please? I lost my friend and I don't know how to get back to my bungalow."

I asked: "Where do you stay?"

"At the White Flower" she answered.

Knowing the island well I told her to follow me... We reached the Resort after a few kilometers, parked the bikes and went to the reception to ask for the key of the bungalow. JieJie didn't have the key since it was in the backpack of her friend with her mobile and her wallet.

YiYi was not there and JieJie was worried that she might also get lost... I comforted her saying that there are only three roads on the island so she sure would find the way back before dark. So, I suggested her to have a drink in a near little Boutique Bar I knew while waiting for her.

This is the way we met. And this became the beginning of our relationship...

Now, back to the story!

So after unpacking and settling in my little cottage we went for a late afternoon aperitif watching the beautiful sunset and had dinner.

"Shall we go to the beach tomorrow?" I asked.

She answered with a smile, "Oh yes, I love the beach and the sea!"

I am an early bird and I love to sip my coffee enjoying the sunrise. I was surprised that JieJie joined me so early! She said that she also wakes up early in the morning but, living in a huge city, she couldn't see the sunrise...

My cottage was in the jungle, with a little Klong (stream) opposite a rubber plantation. We enjoyed a colorful sunrise with joy, speaking softly, eager to not disturb the horses, the squirrels, the birds and Oscar, the leguan who was swimming slowly in the Klong...

JieJie was happy contemplating Nature. She said that she never experienced such beauty! I was naked and she was wearing a lovely see-through yellow blouse I offered her the night before. I asked her to wear it if she was uncomfortable while she knew that I am a true Naturist.

After some breakfast we took my bike and drove to the "Secret Beach". A little bay were nobody goes since it is hidden behind a thick jungle. One has to know the path to get there.

So we arrived on this empty, secluded beach. What a beauty! The sea was calm and turquoise. It was peaceful, breathtaking... I spread the mat to lie down, she sat down to enjoy in silence this fantastic panorama in front of us...

I invited her to take off her bikini since I was nude already. She was a bit reluctant so I didn't insist. But after a moment she did it and I said to her:

"Do you feel the breeze? Do you feel the sunshine on your skin?"

"Yes!" She said, "It is a beautiful feeling. It's magic!" - She was smiling

I told her: "Come on, lets go and swim in the ocean!"

She looked at me worried: "But I cannot swim!!"

I answered: "Don't worry princess, I am here and I will teach you."

JieJie laughed: "I have been trying so long. I even had swimming lessons! But my teacher told me that I will never be able to swim!"

I laughed and told her: "I taught my grandmother to swim when I was 16; and she was 68!".

So there we went. "It is beautiful! It is magic!" She was enjoying the water. Skinny-dipping...

After explaining her that water carries the body, I asked her to make the plank. Just like a piece of wood, motionless. She was a bit nervous, but telling her to trust me, she tried it. I was supporting her with one hand. I told her to stretch and relax...

Slowly I released my support and she was floating... She smiled! And, excited by the experience, she sat and sank quickly drinking a bit of seawater!
We laughed like little children!

She tried again and I told her to stretch and keep this position and specially to relax, breathe normally. "Relax and enjoy" I said...
She was enjoying so much. This feeling to float. To relax and enjoy. She was smiling. I could see her happiness. What a good feeling.

We enjoyed all the morning at the "Secret Beach". Just the two of us, nude and happy.
Then we went for lunch in a small Thai restaurant. JieJie couldn't stop talking and laughing about this marvelous experience to be in the nude close to Mother Nature.
A new Naturist was born!

Within 2 weeks JieJie was swimming like a fish. She enjoyed swimming so much and was eager to excel. After 3 weeks she could crawl too and after 4 weeks I was teaching her snorkeling! Always naked in our "Secret Beach"...

Since then we enjoy frequent pic-nics on the beach with same minded Naturist friends on this island, in the Andaman Sea... Being "au naturel" is no taboo anymore for JieJie, my beloved little China Girl.

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  1. What a wonderful story..!
    You two are really lucky to find each other it seems..

  2. Oh wow,
    Thank you very much! It’s nice to share and specially if you enjoy reading…
    Thank you all!

  3. what a beautiful story. I am always delighted when I hear someone actually finds him/herself as a naturist. The first moment of naturist experience is always lovely. I still remember my first feeling.