Nude yoga Melbourne: Stacey June tests naked exercise trend

Stacey June writes a deeply honest and moving account of her experience doing nude yoga i Melbourne together with other women from all walks of life.

"What kind of people would be there? Who would be looking at me through their legs in downward dog and seeing my natural — slightly saggy — boobs hanging from my chest? Would there be lesbians there? What shapes and sizes would the bodies be? What happens if someone’s cheeks are spread so wide I am disgusted rather than humbled and can’t look away? Would people see my vagina?My thoughts were starting to feel like a circus. A naked freak circus. But what I was about to experience was far from it."

Rosie Rees runs regular nude yoga classes in Perth and is currently touring Australia. Photo: Zim, The Gypsys WorkshopSource:Supplied

"As I walked into the yoga studio I was approached by Rosie Rees, the event organiser and I was feeling a little anxious. She had a kimono on and was lovely, warm and exuded calm. We had met when she was a guest on our Thinkergirl podcast so was willingly waiting for me to arrive and asked me to grab a towel and my kimono. I smiled at her, graciously walked away.


Kimono? I had a hot pink fluffy dressing gown! You know the kind — it was so daggy I may as well have thrown hot rollers in your hair and called myself Mrs Mangle.Once I got over this major roadblock, I chose a mat and sat down. Everyone had different kimono style robes on so it was comfortable and felt a little like a sleep over was about to happen.

It actually felt very innocent — a little school like. The event was a woman only event, and after not too much time, the air in the candle filled room was awash with a combination of nerves, yet openness. It was far from a nudist sanctuary. Rosie asked us to sit in a circle and say our name and share a little bit about why we were there.

During this her robe was completely open, and I found myself being mesmerised by her breasts. It isn’t often you see the naked body of someone you barely know.

All covered up, one by one each woman opened up and shared why they were there. I was in tears by some of the vulnerability women displayed. They shared stories of their breakups, alcohol struggles, having babies, body issues, wanting to feel sexy but having a sense of lost sexuality, not sleeping with their partners for long lengths of time; the list went on.I was so moved at how present everyone was, and how open the women were to give this a red hot go.

Source: Nude yoga Melbourne: Stacey June tests naked exercise trend

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