How to invite others to join?

As members of Naturist Association Thailand we have one problem in common: We would like to have some of our close friends, that we enjoy being with in the clothed world, join us in the nude.

But how to tell them?

There is no single path to introducing a friend to naturism, but they all start with telling them that YOU are a naturist. Make it simple. Mention it when it comes natural. Example: Next time you cannot go with somebody for something because you are joining a naturist event, there is a good opportunity.

Say: “Oh, so sorry, I am going to a nude beach with my naturist friends and I have already paid the ticket!” That is bound to create a series of questions. But now it is out in the open.

Or when talking about shopping for clothes. There is an opportunity, too

Say: “Actually, I only care to buy clothes for when I go out or go to work - at home I am mostly nude. My neighbors cannot see me, so when I reach home, I take a shower and then I am naked at home the rest of the evening until next morning after my breakfast - then of course I put on clothes to go to work.”

The rest is basic sales technique: Wait and listen carefully to the question that your friend WILL one day invariable ask you about this nude thing, that you have talked about. Answer it. Then add a simple question: “Would you like to try? It would be great to go together!”

Telling your parents is - oddly enough - often more difficult. But once the fact is out, it is very very seldom an issue. The Internet has many fine stories of how somebody told his or her parents.

One of the best pieces of advice is: “Mention it casually when it comes natural. You are their child...they may not love your lifestyle but they love you.” Then follow the sales technique above: Wait for them to ask what this nude thing is all about.

Now, above we have talked about what to DO. Here comes the DON’T!

First rule is: Never - I repeat: never ever! - spring it as a surprise!

Example: Your parents are having friends over for a dinner at home. You say: Wait a second.. Then goes out and comes back stark naked.

Or another example: It’s your 25th Wedding Anniversary. You bring your wife to your favorite naturist resort and say: “This is where I have been going every time I said I went fishing..”

Joking aside, we all share this problem: How to be honest and frank with people we like or even love?

Be open about it. Talk about it with your fellow members - most of them have already done it one way or the other. Listen. Get inspiration. Then to do it your way.

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