Typical questions

Common questions about naturism

Everyone will think I am there for sex!

Naturism is NOT about sex, in fact we express great disapproval of anyone that expects that there will be sex involved. Any member that offers sex will be banned. What you do in private is up to you, but in our social setting it is not OK and not allowed.

Everyone will be staring at me!

If you walk nude down a public street or through a shopping mall people certainly would. At a naturist/nudist meeting everyone is nude and we don't stare at each others bodies more than you would look at a person in clothes.

I'm (pick one) too fat, too skinny, my breasts are too small, my penis is small, by body is ugly, etc.

bh-join-usOur members are not beauty queens or Greek gods, just ordinary people like you. Naturists never make fun or ridicule another person’s body. We accept that people’s bodies are different and as soon as you do that too, you will feel better about yourself.

Will people think less of me if I am a Naturist/Nudist?

Why should they? Would they think less of you if you visited a Japanese Onsen? Naturism is nothing shameful, lewd that can harm you if people find out. Should one find out and ask you, there is nothing to deny. Just confirm and ask them right back, if they would like to join you? The only person that will feel differently about you is yourself - you will feel better about your own body and your self image.

What if someone I know is there?

If they are at same the resort or beach, they are nude also. So now you have something else in common.

What if someone finds out I'm a nudist?

We go to great lengths to protect the privacy of our members and guests. But should someone find out, then nudism is really not anything to be ashamed of; it is practiced worldwide in many cultures. There are millions and millions of other people in countries around the world who enjoy not wearing clothes and half of them don't even know it is called naturism, - they just go nude alone at home or with friends somewhere in nature.

What type of person is a Naturist or Nudist?

They are people just like you, like anyone you might meet on the street. They enjoy not wearing clothes except for perhaps cold weather. They are friendly and like to meet people of a similar mind. Some people actually practice naturism at home and don’t even know there are resorts, beaches and organizations dedicated to providing facilities for them.

Is Naturism/Nudism a new trend?

Not really. In all early cultures of the world, people bathed in rivers and lakes without clothes and with others. In some cultures - including Thai, Malay and other cultures in South East Asia - women would naturally be topless. Being nude is probably the most common condition of people. Take for example the natives of Africa or the Amazon, when scientists go and study them, they find them without clothes. Why, because the natives don’t know about clothes and don’t know why they would need them. They don’t confuse being nude with invitation to sex. Perhaps we have lost something about being humans.

In the last hundred years, the indoctrination that nudity is bad has intensified. We are bombarded every day in public media and social media with images of sexually loaded nudity. They show us a human body that looks nothing like the body we have ourselves when we look in the mirror. The intention is to make you feel bad about your own body and buy something to make you look like the body in the image.

Why do many - especially women - find it difficult to take their clothes off?

It is not easy to break with something you have been told your whole life is wrong. Even at a young age when you do not remember it - but your brain still carries around with this command. That is why it is often a very special moment when one day you take off all your clothes and walk away from it - towards other people!

bh-join-usMen dare this more than women. They have often been brainwashed less than women and they are by nature more courageous and dare to come alone to join a naturist event. In contrast, women prefer to do something new in the company of a friend - and then they don't know how to suggest naturism to their friends.

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