How to Introduce a Friend to Nudism

Many people are finding nudism a fun, relaxing, freeing lifestyle. However, many nudists find that this exotic lifestyle is even more fun if they can find a friend to include in their nudist outings. If you're a practicing nudist with a best or long-time friend who is not a nudist, and has no experience with the lifestyle, you may consider introducing this friend. On the other hand, you may not be sure how to go about it, or you may be afraid of how your friend will react if you suggest the idea. In this article, you can learn how to get past this barrier, and find whether or not your friend would be willing to test the waters of the nudist/naturist lifestyle.


Know your friend.  Start by examining the interests of your friend, their overall personality, and the overall quality of your friendship.  Is your friend highly fashion-driven?  Was your friend brought up very religiously, or very strictly?  Has your friend shown a particularly negative reaction towards the unclothed human body?  (e.g. avoiding locker rooms, avoiding artwork that depicts simple nudity, always wearing very "modest" attire, (s)he has made an "ew" or an "oo la la" sort of reaction to simple nudity etc)  These are strong flags to indicate that your friend might not want to try nudism, or might even be outwardly against nudism.

  • If your friend exhibits any of the above, you may either want to consider asking a different friend, or thinking very carefully before you decide whether or not you want to ask this friend.  If you do decide to bring up nudism with a friend with any of the above characteristics, then step 4 is especially important.

Mention the idea of nudism. Don't ask your friend, yet, whether (s)he would like to try nudism, or even bring up that you're a nudist.  Simply, casually, mention nudism as a natural part of a conversation that's generally about something else, and see how your friend reacts when you mention the nudism.

  • For example, if you and your friend are in the process of packing clothes for a vacation together at a textile place, or you're discussing vacation plans in general, you could mention something along the lines of "Hey, there are some resorts that don't even require people to wear clothing," and see how your friend reacts.
  • If you and your friend are watching a nature special on television, you could say something like, "Do you notice how all the animals are naked, but people are the only animal that always has to wear clothes?"
  • If you and your friend are planning on going swimming together at a textile location, and your friend asks you if you remembered your bathing suit, you could joke back in a laughing voice, "Nah, I'm going skinny-dipping" and see whether or not your friend finds that amusing.

Tell your friend you're a nudist. After you have tested the waters with the relationship between you and your friend, and gauged his/her reaction about the idea of nudism, you may now let your friend know about your participation in the nudist lifestyle.  It is best to inform your friend of this fact after you have known your friend for some time (say a minimum of three months), especially if the friend is a girl.  Otherwise, (s)he may react more adversely.  Be sure to tell him/her that you're a nudist, or enjoy practicing nudism, what you get out of the experience, and what your favourite nudist venues are.

  • Do not act shy, embarrassed, or nervous when you tell your friend about your participation in nudism. This can signal to your friend that nudism is something dirty, and to be ashamed of, and that you actually feel guilty when you do this sort of thing. Be sure to be open, honest, and upfront when you discuss your nudism with your friend.

Dispel the misconceptions. If your friend has never previously heard the details of what nudism is about, then (s)he might think that nudism is a sexual lifestyle; that nudist venues condone open sex, and that there's a lot of orgies, exhibitionism, and voyeurism going on.

  • Tell your friend that nudism is about the natural aspect of nudity, rather than the sexual aspect, and that overt sex is not condoned; that the activities that happen at a nudist venue are no different from the activities that happen in a clothed venue, except the participants don't wear clothing, and that it's not a sexually charged atmosphere.[1]
  • Tell your friend that families with young children frequent nudist localities too, and that proper etiquette is especially a priority in a family environment.[1]
  • Be sure to answer any questions your friend may have at this point in a way that is clear to someone learning a new concept.  If your friend is asking questions, that is a sure sign (s)he is interested, and may even want to join you.

Ask your friend if (s)he would like to try nudism. Finally, you're at the part where you have informed your friend that you're a nudist, and you've (hopefully) given him/her a good sense of what nudism is about.  Now, it's time for you to ask if the friend would like to try nudism with you.

  • Your friend's answer might not necessarily be immediate.  (S)he may need time to think it over.  Don't pressure your friend.  If your friend says, "Sure, I'll try it out with you" then chances are, you have successfully introduced your friend to the nudist lifestyle.  If your friend says, "No, I'm really not interested" then respect that.  There are many other people in the textile world who would be willing to take on the nudist way of life.

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