A naturist adventure

I started to feel the freedom of  nudity when me and my wife went to Mindoro, a beautiful isolated island with white sand and blue clear waters in the Philippines. We rented a small boat in Batangas and brought us to the island instructing the boatmen to be back for us later in afternoon.

By the time we landed the island,  I got rid of my clothes and inspired my wife to do the same. Not a soul in the island except us both. My wife was in a bikini and considering she was not a nudist,  convinced her to go topless and eventually became nude with constant persuasion.

We enjoyed the feeling of the wind and water against our bodies and felt comfortable being nude.

Suddenly,  a small boat filled with tourist passed by the island, although not close distance . My wife got shocked but I told her to be at ease since she was submerged in the water and her body was covered.  Just enjoyed the clear cool water until finally,  got out of the water when it was clear.

I saw a couple from afar  from where we were. They were foreigners and  naked and enjoyed their nudist time together. I ask her that we join them but my wife vehemently denied and just couldn't accept nudity with other people. She is just not into it except only being with me.

From then on, have been nude at home the whole day, hoping to enjoy the lifestyle with other friends soon!!!


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  1. Nice story, Victor. I know a lot about Mindoro and I wish I could go back there if not because of the COVID problem. Which island of Mindoro are you referring to? Is it Pandan Grande near Sablayan? There is actually a nudist cove there.

  2. Great share Victor , I’m sure many fellow nudists have similar experiences and are also trying to convince their partners to give the lifestyle a chance.

  3. My ex wife was very reluctant to go naked also. She did once or twice over the 25 years we were married but I mostly had to go to the beach on my own. I love the Philippines and hope to get back there for that sort of experience sometime. I love the look of the Batangas. It reminds me of my place of origin in the SW of England.