World Naked Gardening Weekend 2020


World Naked Gardening Day is not just about doing some gardening, it is an opportunity to become fully absorbed in the garden, a chance to maximize your experience of nature in a sensory, embodied way. Ecstasy is all around you, verdant and bursting from the earth, engorged with new life. And you are a part of it. Your friends and lovers and gardening companions are all a part of it.

If you need an excuse, tell yourself that there is a potential health benefits to this all-nude gardening as well. Bathe in the presence of your green plants so close to your skin that you can feel their subtle energy. Feel your heart rate slow, your stress levels drop. Phytoncide is a chemical released naturally by trees and other plants, proven - or let's just say believed - to actually improve immune function and other markers of health, and to boost feelings of general well-being.

Immerse yourself for even just a half hour or so on this special day to reap the full benefits, and be fully present, naked with your green plants. Take a mental picture, and seal it up in an envelope in your mind to return to on a rainy day.

Some say, that studies have shown that picking fresh produce straight from the garden releases a rush of dopamine, and playing in dirt filled with Mycobacterium vaccae, a naturally occurring bacterium in the soil, boosts serotonin levels.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that’s linked to pleasure, and it makes us feel happy, euphoric even, and sexy, too.

In addition to improving mood and other functions, it can aid our feelings of motivation and sleep, as well as attention and movement.

Serotonin, another neurotransmitter, also boosts those feelings of well-being, as well as aiding other healthy functions in the body.

These chemical messengers work together, with dopamine signaling our feelings of pleasure, and serotonin popping in to make us feel satiated.

And you can get all of that from gardening, you guys!

Naturist Association Thailand celebrates the day with its members, encouraging them to post in the activity stream photos or video clips of themselves doing gardening of all sorts - preferably in the nude.

Share your happiness with other members in our online Zoom room. Find links and all details in the events listing. Enjoy!

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  1. Another superb thing about working in the garden with your hands tending to the plants , your contact with the soil will boost your immunity level. take the time breath in the fresh air .