Your Skin Needs You!

Your skin does more for your health, than you realize. Day in and day out. What do you do for your skin?

Everybody should be more nude in support of a healthier skin. No need to become a naturist and be nude in front of other people. You can start simply by being more nude at home.

Imagine that we live in a world where we are told to wear shoes at all times - just like today we are told to wear clothes. Forget the nice feeling of coming home and kicking off your shoes. After your bath, quickly put on your shoes again before you open the door. You must keep on your shoes at night, too.

Not only would that be unpleasant, it would clearly also be unhealthy. You feet would get deformed, fungus would build up, your feet would start smelling bad, your toes would never enjoy the freedom of wiggling without socks, etc.

This article is telling you to rise up against this obviously stupid rule. Take control of your life! Take your shoes off, when you come home! Take off your socks too! Feel the pleasure of your feet walking naked on the floor! Sleep with naked feet and feel them touch your bed sheets.

Hey! Why stop here?

Take off your pants and underwear too!

Feel the goodness of your skin getting a break and starting to breathe. Free your genitals from the moist and dark and damp prison that you strap them in every day. If nobody can see you from outside, what are you waiting for? Take off whatever you are wearing on your upper body, too!

Listen to the waves of pleasant feelings, your skin sends to you.

Your skin deserves it. The skin is your largest organ, it protects you from bacteria, regulates your body temperature, gives you feelings of heat, cold, touch, caress, it stretches and bends with your movements, it detoxifies your body by sweating and exfoliation. Plus it magically produces all the Vitamin D that you need if you allow it to be exposed to natural sunlight.

And how do you reward it for doing all this? You strap elastic bands across it, restricting the flow of blood, you deprive it of sunlight, you squeeze it into tight clothes.

But … it is not easy going against the mainstream. You cannot be nude because you live with some other people, who would question why you start walking around nude. Maybe even get upset.

If you're living with other people, you have to respect their wishes about these things. If you want, you can go nude a little bit when nobody's home (with curtains drawn, so people outside don't see you either).

Or, if you get up early, or stay up late, you can walk around nude in your room or around in the house where the people you live with won’t see you. Go downstairs for something in the refrigerator nude, but bring a towel or another cover-up with you just in case someone comes to see what you're doing!

As you get bolder, leave the cover at the stairs. If someone comes down, you will have to walk across the floor to get it and cover up, and in the meantime you give the person a chance to say “never mind!” Then just walk back to what you were doing - and you may have a new understanding in your house, that being nude is OK.

If you do not have the problem of other people keeping you from being nude, simply start doing more things nude, that you used to do with your clothes on.

Coming out of the shower, do not immediately cover up your body. What do you usually do next? Make up the bed? Well, no need to be dressed to make up the bed - do it nude!. Have your breakfast? Do it nude! Check your smartphone? Nude! Watch TV nude! Go to work? Ah, maybe hold it there..

The bottom line is, if you’re comfortable being naked at home, then it’s much easier to be naked around others and have fun doing it. Getting comfortable with your own nudity at home is essential to being comfortable nude out in the world.

Model: Line
Phographer: D^A^O

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    1. Secure! Heath is so wonderful for your skin. Naturists can enjoy the whole day. In Holland we have short summers. I like skin care myself in the sauna and free nature. Sometimes in the winter I take a naked walk.
      Kind regards,

  1. I like an extensive sauna in the cold Dutch winters, and going out naked, but also cold water swimming in our Dutch winters. I really feel like a naturist one with nature. I take care of my naked body in the great outdoors. Cold and warm is good for your body.
    Big compliment for your internet site in Your beautiful Thailand, and city of Bangkok with its wonderful warm climate. A real paradise for naturist.