Weekend on rafting boat

Eleven members of Naturist Association Thailand had great fun relaxing in the sun and playing in a huge lake in Kanchanaburi in the weekend of 28 and 29 November 2015.

The Association had rented a house raft boat for the weekend. When we arrived, it was tied up on the small pier, but once we were all there, a motor raft tugged us out to a quiet spot on the lake where we anchored up over night.

When we were anchored and the motorboat was gone, we were all quickly out of our clothes, ready to be nude for the next 24 hours on the cruise. The freshwater lake was very warm and we could stay in the water as long as we liked.

Paying member of Naturist Association Thailand can log in and read the full report with photos and a few fun video clips from a great weekend here.

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