The beginning of forever

In 2013, I confessed to my girl friend - though we had just been together for one month - that I am a nudist. I also told her that I had been attending local nudist events before our relationship began. At that time, I had no idea how she would react but I knew I couldn't cover up this if our relationship were to continue, so I decided to let her know.

She was surprised a bit that time, but she wasn’t against the idea, so I asked her to give it a try. At first we would to be naked in the room. She agreed and we became full time nude at home since then.

In November 2013, an event was held to which I signed up for both of us. I promised her that if she felt uncomfortable we could leave immediately. I can still remember the morning of that day. She was so nervous. I was the only one talking when we were headed to the event which would be her first time being naked in front of people. Of course it turned out a great and became a special experience for her, and this is how our naturist story begins.


  1. chew

    Yes, I agree with what you did. Confess to our partner first. If he or she does not feel comfortable with what we do, better break out.

  2. John Chas Beltran

    Whenever I see your photo heading up the story “The Beginning of Forever” I think of the many classical paintings depicting Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden! Lovely photo!