New upgraded nude beach trip near Bangkok and Pattaya

New monthly nude beach trip for members of Naturist Association Thailand is a great upgrade compared to the now cancelled nude beach trip every last Sunday of the month. The beach trip is now on every last Wednesday of the month.

An invitation has been sent to all members to join the very first of this new trip on Wednesday 28 August 2019 with departure at 8.30 from Ao Udom pier. See further down for location details.

“Nude Wednesday at the Beach Resort”

Just one photo will show you the difference.

SURPRISE! This is a beach with a restaurant! The restaurant serves lunch and cold drinks! No need to bring your own lunch or beer anymore!

Here is another photo:

YES! NOT JUST A BEACH! This is a private island! Rented this last Wednesday of every month by Naturist Association Thailand for you to enjoy! The whole island!

Did I mention the upgrade to a real tour boat? What do you think?! This is the boat that will pick us up from the Ao Udom harbour (NOT Pattaya!) see location below.

RELAX! Here is another view from the white and sandy main beach. Here you can chill out, sunbath, swim, snorkel, read a book.

This will really be a welcome news for many of the members, who felt the old nude beach was just a tad too primitive. Not even a toilet…

EXPLORE! Physically active members - and we have a lot of them! - will also get a better deal. It is an island! You can go for a walk or a run around the whole island and arrive back at the beach from the other side! Or you can rent a bicycle at the beach resort! The trail around the island is around 1.5 kilometers.

If you loved our old, empty beach on Koh Pai, this is the right place for you. Which of the two that is more pleasant on any given day will depend on the wind direction and the waves direction and the tide on that day.

If you cannot manage to explore the whole island in one day, you can come back next month and complete your exploration.

We have found our new home for good!

You need to be an Ordinary member or Premium member to join. If you currently are a Free Subscriber you can upgrade for 900 THB (1 year membership) at

What does it cost?

The Nude Wednesday Beach Resort trip costs 1900 THB (62 USD) per person. It is an increase from the naked beach trip in the past, but look at what you get for the upgrade!
Price includes transfer by tour boat to and from the island resort.
Price includes also lunch at the resort with soft drink.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is it?
Koh Khang Khao - in English: Bat Island - is a very small island just South of Koh Si Chang. It is located off the coast of Laem Chabang and Sri Racha in Chonburi Province.
Google maps:

How to go there?
By speedboat from Pier "Ta Ruea Ao Udom" just North of Laem Chabang, Chonburi.

Where do we meet?

Wednesday 28 August 2019 - at 08.30 morning - at Ao Udom pier:,100.8977316/@13.1234502,100.8976844,375a,35y,270h/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e4

If you see this booth, you are on the right pier!

How to go to Ao Udom pier in SriRacha?
From Bangkok by car:
Leave home no later than 6 o’clock. The trip will on a Wednesday morning take about 2 hours. Take Motorway 7 until you see exit Laem Chabang. After having crossed over Sukhumvit Road, make a U-turn back to Sukhumvit Road and turn left towards Chonburi. Shortly after, take the left turn into Ao Udom road and go straight to the pier. On a good day, you can park directly on the pier "Ta Ruea Ao Udom" for a fee - or else park somewhere near the pier and walk back. 

Motorway 7 to Exit Laem Chabang

Cross over the old Sukhumvit road from Chonburi. Mate a U-turn back to Sukhumvit, turn towards Chonburi and watch for Ao Udom sign on the left.

From Bangkok by bus:
Bus departure no later than 6 o’clock from Ekkamai Bus Station in Bangkok (Ekamai BTS). Find a bus to Laem Chabang. Travel time around 2 hours. Price around 150 Baht. When arriving at Laem Chabang, get off at the Laem Chabang hospital. Ask the hospital for help calling a taxin to go to the pier "Ta Ruea Ao Udom".

From Pattaya by car:
Leave home no later than 7.30. Coming from Pattaya it will take about 40 minutes by car to reach Laem Chabang. Pass by the big ThaiOil sign shaped like a ship, watch out for Ao Udom sign on the left. Turn and go straight. On a good day, you can park directly on Jarin pier for a fee - or else park somewhere near the pier "Ta Ruea Ao Udom". 

From Pattya by bus:
Bus departure no later than 7 o'clock. Plenty of busses and mini-vans go from Pattaya to SriRacha. Travel time around 1 hour. Price around 60 Baht. When pass motorway 7 to Laem Chabang, get off around 200 meter further at the Ao Udom cross. There are mororcycle taxis and soi bus on the stree. Go straight all the way to the pier "Ta Ruea Ao Udom".

More FAQ:

What is included in 1900 THB?
The ticket price includes transfer by comfortable tour boat to and from the island and lunch at the resort with soft-drink. Other beverage available for purchase. 

Is this a naturist resort?
No. Naturist Association Thailand rents it one day per month only. Any other day of the month the resort does not accept naturists. The owner and the staff are not naturists but they welcome us to be naturists - if we behave well..

Can I visit the resort by myself?
No. The resort and the island is not available for drop-in guests arriving in own boat. It is available only for groups with a booking in advance.

Can we stay overnight?
Yes. But not unless we have booked the whole island for that night or those nights. We will surely do this in the future for special occasions, but the price will be more than double.

What additional equipment can we rent?
Bicycle - 500 THB
Tent - 500 THB
ATV - 2500 THB
Water sports equipment is also available for rent, but not to any individual - only on a group basis. If our group on any given Wednesday agrees, it will cost the participants 5000 THB extra.


  1. John Chas Beltran

    Wow! This is quite an upgrade! Certainly something we are interested in doing. Please post a report on how the first trip goes, how the locals react to naturists “flooding” their island. How well inhabited is it? Congrats on bringing this to the table!!

    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      No more hardship – unless you go hiking around the island. I know I will. But then I will also enjoy a cold beer at the restaurant when I return.

  2. Steve Cartwright

    Well done Gregers and team. This sounds amazing and will be on my bucket list on the next trip back to Thailand. Would love to be in the first group to visit but this will be a big improvement on the old beach.

  3. Olaf la Cour

    I am coming back to Bangkok in early October, and then this is on my list. However, I wish I could combine a day on the island with an overnight stay. It could, for example. be that I stayed on the island until the next day, and then the boat returned. It makes a lot more sense.

    1. Gregers Moller Post author

      Olaf, read the FAQ again by the end of the article. It is not a public resort. They don’t rent out rooms to anyone who wants to stay. If they like you, you can rent the island for the night – if not.. then it is not available. We plan to arrange for overnight in the future. Maybe for Christmas?