The first really first New Nude Beach Trip

We were eight naturists setting off on Wednesday 30 October 2019 for the first - really first - trip to the new Nude Beach Resort on Koh Kang Khao. This was less than half the group that in August had set out for what should then have been the maiden voyage to the new nude beach, but turned out to be more like our old beach trips. A filming crew was busy on the main beach and we had to be redirected to the east beach on the island instead..

This time, however, (drum-roll) there was no filming crew awaiting us when we arrived a little past nine on this beautiful Wednesday morning. In front of us was a lovely whit, albeit somewhat stony beach, some white buildings with rooms and kitchen, several shaded seating options and an old man "Lung Jun" with his pack off dogs - including five puppies.

The mother of all dogs.. was hiding her latest litter of puppies in the kitchen, while begging food from us.

The speed boat trip had takes us only fifteen minutes from Ao Udom pier. The short trip was one of the reasons why we have skipped the original tour boat idea. Another - more important - reason is, that when we reach the island it is so easy to get off a speedboat and on to the white sand, compared to the physical challenge it was to get off and back on the tour boat we had in August.

After having off loaded all our stuff, food, plates and cutlery, beer, soft drinks, straw mattresses for sleeping on the beach, Khun Mor - the owner - left us to go over on the other side of the little strait to Koh Sichang, where we could see her resort Parihut hanging on the cliff that gives it the beautiful view of the Bay of Siam that is famous for.

The wind was from the north, so there was a bit of garbage that now and then drifted up on the shore, but not too much to destroy the temptation to swim in the refreshing water off the beach. But we have to tell future participants on the trip to bring and wear water shoes against sharp stones and sea urchins. One of us got two needles stuck under his foot. Although it is painful, they actually simply dissolve in the body after a few days. Still, but they are better avoided.

A few of us set out to explore the island by foot. After a while, only two of us were left. It is difficult to penetrate the bushes and trees that covers the whole island, but we managed to get back from the top side of the island to the resort without too many scratches. The idea, we had, that there would be a path going around the island, is something of the past. After all, the resort was first established 20 years ago, and nature doesn't wait to reclaim what rightfully was nature in the first place. We may set up a project to re-establish that path by bringing a few machetes and start cutting - if Khun Mor agrees.

At lunch, the second reality check came. The invitation had talked about staff serving us lunch - but we were only us. The group quickly decided that Gregers should put on an apron and double as service staff. After all, he had written the invitation.

The food was great. Tom Ka Gai coconut soup with chicken chunks, fried rice with salmon, breaded and fried chicken drums, vegetables, desert snacks wrapped in banana leaves. And there was plenty of everything - even to share with Khun Jun and his dogs. Afterwards, the newly appointed service staff rinsed the plates and packed it all up neatly in the boxes in which it had come.

The beer and soft drinks had been tugged into the ice bucket and the supply lasted the whole day. Cold water also went down.

By 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun started to drop down to the west of the island, we decided it would be better to go home and still have a nice evening than wait for the sunset, although it is a really beautiful sight. It will have to wait until we might arrange a weekend stay-over on the island.

Is that possible? Oh, yes! There are at least four double rooms of reasonable standard and a few more of dubious standard that could accommodate 10 to 16 people if we can arrange it on a weekend, that would suit enough members. Then we should probably have some real staff..

Enjoy the photos below, that Ben Allin took of the beach and the facilities. Please give your feedback.





  1. PaulW

    Was a nice day. Next time must bring some big garbage bags to clean the beach from empty plastic bottles a.s.o. Job done in 20 minutes I think. It’s not too much. Also bring much more ice and a big cooling box. The one available can contain only few cans.

  2. Olaf la Cour

    We had a wonderful trip, although Gregers did not have a pink apron, but he promised he would wear one next time. Next time I would suggest that the beverages are refrigerated from home and it could be supplemented with a some cold white wine. The local restaurant was not open as claimed … 🙂

    I was one of those who would not try to walk around the island, it got a little too dangerous with a water can in one hand and a camera in the other, so I turned around as there were too many rocks.

  3. John Chas Beltran

    This looks like such a wonderful addition to the naturist possibilities here in Thailand! Beautiful photos Ben! Very interested in the comments on hiking and paths around the island. . .indeed, developing a hiking trail around or over or anywhere on the island would be a big plus for us! ( and something we would be glad to help with!)