Naturist celebrities discover Thai naturism

Naturist celebrities discover Thai naturism

President of Naturist Association of Slovenia (ZDNS) Ms. Maja Penko stayed at Barefeet Naturist Resort - a member resort of Naturist Association Thailand - on 22 January 2015 during her vacation with her boyfriend Andrej Rogina. Both were surprised to find the resort so nice and homely since the website still mostly shows photos of the resort during the construction.

Last month, American nudist celebrity Eila Adams visited The Oriental Village Chiang Mai - another member resort. Ms Adams is anchor for Naked News and enjoyed her stay tremendously as several photos on the website of the resort clearly shows.

Eila Adams also went to Pattaya to try out Chan Resort in Pattaya, the first naturist resort in Thailand. During New Year, where she was vacationing in Phuket, she would have enjoyed to stay naked too, if only there had been a naturist resort in the area.

The two naturist / nudist celebrities are the latest in a string of naturist leaders who have visited Thailand to verify the presence of a vibrant and growing naturists environment in Thailand that would appeal to naturist tourists from around the world to visit Thailand.

The New Zealand Naturist Federation were among the first to catch the naturist opening in Thailand some years ago. In particular two active members, Glenne and Col, board members of the NZNF, have several times visited Chan Resort in Pattaya.

Every two years the International Naturist Federation (INF) have a World Congress which is hosted by different Federations around the world. The New Zealand Naturist Federation (NZNF) was last year chosen to host the 2016 World Congress of Naturism. The INF Congress will be held at Wellington Naturist Club (WNC) on the dates of 16th ~ 20th November 2016.

A common question or wish from the visiting representatives of naturist association and federations from various countries in the world is when Naturist Association Thailand will have more member resorts in other parts of Thailand to offer. As the awareness of the availability of nude vacation n Thailand is spreading, a strong demand could be expected. The association recognizes this as a priority task and plans a series of meetings with selected local representative offices of Tourism Authority of Thailand to ask for help in selecting prospective resorts.

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