Naturist Association Thailand resorts offer full COVID-19 immunity for FREE!

Book your naturist vacation now - enjoy NAT's full refund package for FREE!

Naturist Association Thailand resorts want naturists from around the world to feel completely safe when booking a naturist vacation in Thailand. If the COVID-19 situation forces you to cancel your vacation anytime before your planned vacation, the resorts will refund you any prepaid booking fee IN FULL and waiver all cancellation fees!

The NAT COVID-19 SAFETY PACKAGE is valid for all bookings made from Sunday 8 March 2020 directly with your preferred naturist member resort or through Naturist Association Thailand directly. Either way, we guarantee you a full refund and no penalties of any kind.

So what are the conditions?

  1. Bookings made between 8 March and 1 August 2020
  2. Stay anytime before the end of year 2020.
  3. Bookings made before 8 March follow the cancellation rules at the time of booking
  4. Bookings must be made with the resort directly, not through an agency

If you prefer to book through your regular online travel agent, please check with their cancellation policy. We support the operation of our partners in booking worldwide, but we are not responsible for the cancellation policies of these companies.

These naturist resorts have joined the FREE COVID-19 Refund Package:

The COVID-19 Naturist Refund Package is covering you even if it doesn't show or say on their website!
You can trust Naturist Association Thailand resorts. We will make your vacation as wonderful and as memorable as ever!

So what are you waiting for? Book NOW! And enjoy complete COVID-19 cancellation immunity!

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