Naturism and Me

I have been thinking of writing this article since a long time now, so today I finally decided it's time to put my thoughts into words. I have been a long time naturist, since my teenage days, I always liked to be naked in the privacy of my home and this was even before I read or even heard about naturism, so I guess it was a natural instinct within me to be a naturist.

I had my first public naturism experience in Thailand in Chan resort and it was a liberating experience to be naked, to be free to roam around the resort and to swim without any inhibitions and to be myself just as I wanted through all these years.

I am fortunate that though my wife is not a naturist herself she has fully supported me in my naturist endeavors, also I must thank Thailand Naturist for giving a platform where we can share our stories and spreading the concept of naturism in Thailand and making it more acceptable. I think events like NATCON are great opportunity to meet like minded people and make some great friends and also it gives us the space and freedom to live as we like even if for a few days.

From our end of the year nude beach trip with Naturist Association Thailand in 2017
This one if from our visit to Croatia.

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