Nude massage course at Barefeet

How to massage eachother – in the nude

Barefeet Naturist Resort started in October to offer massage for couples as a weekend course. As Barefeet is a naturist resort then the course is obviously also a nude massage course - or more precisely: a massage course in the nude.

Before announcing the course to members of Naturist Association Thailand and other good naturists, my wife and I decided to be our own test-couple. We both frequently enjoy a nude massage by our therapists, but this would be the first time that we were going to be instructed how to massage each other - in the nude.

Nude massage course at Barefeet

I was the first one to be instructed while she lay down and hoped my massage would be as pleasant as when the therapists did it.

As usual, the therapist kept her uniform on, but both of us wore nothing. I had warned the therapist in advance that the touching and smoothing over her skin with the aromatic oil could create a disturbing erection and she had assured me that if so she would just ignore it. But it was hard work concentrating on pressuring and stroking and following the instructions of our instructor so there was plenty to keep my mind busy on the job.

Nude massage course at Barefeet

Before starting the massage itself, I learned that it was important to make a plan for the treatment. Then I learned how to warm up, what to massage first, how to proceed and how to move around the massage bed clockwise. The basic butterfly movement soon became a nice retreat while listening to the explanation what to do next.

At one point, I was going to climb up on the massage bed to apply my weight to the pressure of my hands while at the same time doing everything in this slow-motion way that seems to hypnotize the patient to fall asleep. Well, I managed to spoil that hypnotic moment when I knocked over the oil. But that was the only accident.

Nude massage course at Barefeet

Eventually it was time to ask her to turn around. Massaging a back is somehow much easier than massaging a front. Especially when the front has breasts. But the therapist showed me the trick how to avoid touching the nipples and massage around other sensitive areas in a way that was a massage, not a suggestion.

Nude massage course at Barefeet

After one and a half hour, it was finally my turn to lay down on the massage table and melt away under the smooth hands of my wife. The awareness of being nude was all gone and by the time I was told to turn around, I had genuinely dozed away and had to be called back.

"Is it time for a happy ending?" I joked but all I got was a slap on the cheek.

After the double treatment, it was time for a late light dinner and a discussion of the experience. We both agreed that it was harder work than we thought and that the difficult part was to feel in your mind how your hands or elbows on the other persons body would feel if you were the one receiving it.

Next morning we were in for a repeat of the instruction from the evening before. To rub it in, so to speak.

Nude massage course at Barefeet

Both of us were this time clearly more confident, even though we had also already forgotten certain movements. But with a set of photos taken with our own mobile phones during the instruction the night before we could quickly recall all the movements.

Today, the course is already two weeks away and we are no longer testing our newly learned skills every time we go to bed. But we did in the beginning. I would say that we have refined our routine to what we could call our own style of massage.

The main gift we achieved as a couple was learning to reconnect through the touch of our hands on each other's newly receptive bodies.

You can learn yourself how to massage each other here:

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  1. We just had a group of friends and regulars at Barefeet yesterday and one couple went for the couple massage course. It is clearly one of the most exciting activities we have come up with so far. Now they will go home practicing … and keep having fun.