How do Asian men and women feel about being nude?

A recent survey organized by the team at Superdrug Online Doctor found that more than half of American women who were single said they were uncomfortable being naked. The report’s authors surveyed 1,000 Americans and Europeans in order to get a better understanding of their perspective on nudity, including how people feel about seeing naked people in the media, at what age they were first exposed to nudity, and how comfortable they are sans clothes.

Interestingly, the demographic that was the most comfortable naked was divorced men: 83 percent said they didn’t have any issues with wearing their birthday suit. Among women, those who were booed up—that is, married or in a relationship—were the most comfortable.

Unfortunately, the survey did not include Asian women and men. How do you think it would have come out?

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  1. Overall, European and American men are far more comfortable being nude than women. I think the same results would also be for Asian men and women but in Asia very few would actually get nude. For Asia its theoretical only.

  2. It Asia , cultural beliefs prevent a lot of people from exploring naturism or coming out of the closet. That said , there is a large community amongst Asians who want to explore this lifestyle and do so when they get the right opportunity or place . I have personally met lot of them who enjoy and want to explore a naturist lifestyle .

  3. I think Asian men and women do love to be naked and naturism. But social and cultural boundaries prevent them from expressing themselves freely. This is the main issue across Asia. Those hidden feelings, desires and emotions need to be addressed, and this forum is one way of doing that!

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