Fun Sports and Games Day at Barefeet

The Sports and Games Day at Barefeet in Bangkok on Saturday 22 August 2020 was fun and engaging and ended in a nice After Party.

Tom "Supote" and Gregers set both a new Barefeet record in swimming distance on a single breath. The time was not recorded, but they did four laps - 40 meters - on a single breath.

Ornphapa "Pol" completed the 10 meter Duck Blow in 37 seconds. Ornphapa "Pol" also came in second in Filling the bottle game which she did in 36 second .

The Egg Throw was abandoned - just as it was dropped at the games at Phuan the previous weekend - and so was the Hopscotch.

The Dart competition was not skipped, but there were no results recorded - at that time, the After Party had already set in.

The results were reported live during the SatNatChat online Zoom meeting.


The Thailand Naturist Sports Day concept has been developed in a way that is in line with the reality that naturists in Thailand will always be spread all over the country - and indeed all over the world. It is particularly true in the shadow of the Covid-19 flu, but even without this nuisance it will always be very difficult for members who wish to participate in a specific discipline to be assembled in one location in Thailand on any one specific day. With the Thailand Naturist Sports Day concept, they don't have to be - they compete any time they are at any of the resorts against the Resort Book of Records in their discipline and will get their result recorded in the Book of Records. They may be able to break the record of the current Resort Champion or they may not, that doesn't matter - they are still part of the full competition.

Let's take an example. If a member lives in Canada, and one day has the chance to be back in Thailand, then they can compete in their favorite discipline at their favorite naturist resort. Their result will be recorded and measured against anybody who have in the past year - and ever - competed in that discipline at that resort. Their time or achievement will be recorded in the Resort Book of Records and that way they will be part of the same sports competition.

Once a year, a big "Mother-of-all-Thailand-Naturist-Sports-Days" will be held. At this event - apart from live competitions - time and achievements from participants from each resort over the past year will be considered as well. A physically present person may win the trophy of the day, but the Resort Champion may retain his or her title if the record of the day does not beat their record from when they stayed in Thailand at that resort.

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