First Thailand Naturist Sports Day


The first in a series of planned Thailand Naturist Sports Days accross Thailand took place on Saturday 15 August 2020 at Phuan Naturist Village in Pattaya.

The number of participants that were able to join was limited, but that did in no way spoil the day. A heavy shower in afternoon did, however, spoil the Hopscotch competition. The other disciplines - swimming free style, swimming underwater, fill the bottle, balut, and pool went on more or less as planned - interrupted only by a longer after-lunch nap than anticipated. 🙂

The winners were announced in a live broadcast during the SatNatChat online zoom meeting starting every Saturday at 18.00 Thai time. The meeting participants also followed live the exciting final minutes of the snooker competition at the pool table between Paul "Corpsnu" and Steve S which Paul "Copsnu" narrowly won.

See all the reuslt in the captions of the images below.

Next Thailand Naturist Sports Day is scheduled for Saturday 22 August 2020 at Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok.

The Thailand Naturist Sports Day concept has been developed in a way that is in line with the reality that naturists in Thailand will always be spread all over the country - and indeed all over the world. It is particularly true in the shadow of the Covid-19 flu, but even without this nuisance it will always be very difficult for members who wish to participate in a specific disciplin to be assembled in one location in Thailand on any one specific day. With the Thailand Naturist Sports Day concept, they don't have to be - they compete any time they are at any of the resorts against the Resort Book of Records in their disciplin and will get their result recorded in the Book of Records. They may be able to break the record of the current Resort Champion or they may not, that doesn't matter - they are still part of the full competition.

Let's take an example. If a member lives in Canada, and one day has the chance to be back in Thailand, then they can compete in their favorite disciplin at their favorite naturist resort. Their result will be recorded and measured against anybody who have in the past year - and ever - competeted in that disciplin at that resort. Their time or achievement will be recorded in the Resort Book of Records and that way they will be part of the same sports competition.

Once a year, a big "Moter-of-all-Thailand-Naturist-Sports-Days" will be held. At this event - apart from live competitions - time and achievements from participants from each resort over the past year will be considered as well. A physically present person may win the trophy of the day, but the Resort Champion may retain his or her title if the record of the day does not beat their record from when they stayed in Thailand at that resort.

The full score of the day. See images below for details.
Winner of the "Swim 4 lengths of the pool" was Tom "Supote" with 1 minute and 23 seconds. He was closely followed by Ornprapa "Pol" with 1 minute and 29 seconds and Steve S on third place with 1 minute and 40 seconds. That makes Tom "Supote" Swimming Champion of Phuan Naturist Village.
Champion of Phuan Naturist Village in swimming under the water or swimming without breating is Tom "Supote" with 36 meters - that is two full lengths of the pool. On a second place was Gregers with 32 meters, giving up shortly before reaching the edge of the pool on his way back.
Scooping up water with your bare hands from the pool to fill a standard Thai beer bottle of 620 cl. in the fastest time. Ornprapa "Pol" was the winner, filling up thje bottle in 47.34 seconds. Bruce came in second with 47.55 seconds.
Paul Wijmenga "Corpsnu" won the balut competition with 11 points angainst Gregers who scored 9 points. Balut is a dice game with different rules from Yatzy but also clear similarities.
Ornprapa "Pol" relaxing in the pool after the competition. "Pol" is the regular masseuse at Barefeet Naturist Resort who had taken the day off to join the Thailand Naturist Sports Day at Phuan Naturist Village.


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