J-vis Sangsun has passed away

J-vis Sangsun, active member since the founding of Naturist Association Thailand in 2007, passed away earlier this week. Sadly, J-vis was only in his early fifties. He leaves behind his wife and daughter. Funeral rites are taking place in Wat Klong Hae in Hat Yai in the South of Thailand, where he will be cremated on Monday 8 October 2018.

J-vis Sangsun helped Naturist Association Thailand find several of the current naturist locations that our members enjoy today. Back in 2008, one of his many cold calls to resorts was to a place called Chan Resort in Pattaya. The daughter in law, Mrs. Jaa, picked up the phone.

"Hello, I am J-vis from the Naturist Association Thailand, we want to rent your resort for the weekend. We will all be naked all the time inside the resort and in and around the pool, is that possible?"

Unlike so many other resorts, Mrs. Jaa did not immediately hang up the phone. She said "Yes, why not? I will ask Dad."

And so the first weekend at a resort in Pattaya was arranged at Chan Resort. Later, in 2009, the resort moved around the corner, where Mr. Chan built the first resort in Thailand exclusively for naturists. But this would not have happened, if J-vis had not made one extra cold call that day in 2008.

We still laugh when we talk about another resort, that J-vis had contacted. The owner of the resort had no problem with us being naked, but in the middle of the night, her daughter in Bangkok had heard about it and got very upset. She called us and told us we had five minutes to get out of her mother's resort! She had already called the police! We made it away in time.

For some years, J-vis was occupied with his business in Hat Ya. He worked among others as local reporter for Thai TV Channel 3. We only spoke occasionally on the phone. But he kept looking for new resorts to join us.

In 2016, J-vis talked to his friends Golf and Patty, who had just started leasing a resort called Lemon Tree in Naiharn in Phuket. "Why don't you make it a resort for naturists?" J-vis asked. And so, once again, J-vis had helped establish the first naturist resort in Phuket. Later this month, Golf and Patty will move to open their own Peace Blue Naturist Resort, Phuket.

Sad, that J-vis will not be able to attend.

J-vis learned about naturism when in his younger days, he worked in Israel with the Israeli army. After returning to Thailand, he found a few places, where he could be naked in the lush, green nature in the South, where his mother had a large plantation. After he joined Naturist Association Thailand in 2007, he was encouraged to go back and ask his mother, if she would mind if he was naked in the house. She did not hesitate a second. If he liked that, she would be fine with that, he told us triumphantly on the phone.

J-vis entered the local community militia in the South that were trained by the Thai Army to fight the insurgents who intimidated and killed Thai Buddhist residents in the area to take over their land and sell it to muslim Pattani people. But after his mother had been wounded in one of the shootings at night on their house, he decided the price was too high. They sold the property, valued at 20 mill. baht to a middleman for 4 mill. baht and moved to Songkla.

In 2018, at the NATCON 7, Bruce Kendall from Naturist Association Thailand awarded J-vis with a Certificate of Appreciation to J-vis Sangsun in absentia. He was hospitalized with an infection and had to cancel his participation at the last minute. Gregers Moller received it in his absence and the Certificate was after NATCON sent to him in Songkla, which he greatly appreciated.

The last two years, J-vis began suffering from clinical depression, a disorder that would at times get so bad, that he attempted suicide. But he was always found in time or managed to get himself to the hospital before it was too late.

This last time, he did not make it. We will miss you, J-vis!