Dramatic Trip to Lemon Tree Resort’s Nude Beach

Visiting the new naturist resort on Phuket,'Lemon Tree Resort Naiharn Beach Phuket' became an unexpectedly dramatic adventure. Well, actually the visit to the resort was truly delightful in every way. But we added a visit to the related private beach nearby, which will now be available for naturists staying at or dayvisiting at Lemon Tree Resort.

The main reason for our visit was to finalise the agreement with Lemon Tree to be the first naturist resort in Phuket. Before leaving Bangkok, we had told the owners Khun Pattama "Bat" and Khun Phakapong "Golf" that we would arrive quite late. To our surprise, they were both up waiting for us and we had a quick chat before we dropped on the bed in one of the bungalows centred around the pool.

The next morning revealed the whole setting in full daylight with all the 9 bungalows centered around the cosy, family friendly pool. I was surprised to find that each bungalow had its own kitchen where we could have prepared our own breakfast if we had brought any. Luckily, we had not, so we enjoyed a nice American breakfast prepared by Khun Somsri who is also the certified masseuse at the resort. (Note to self: Must try!)


After breakfast, we talked business most of the morning and then we went for lunch at the interesting WeCafe on the way to Phuket. From our table there was a nice view of the green house of the restaurant, where they grow their own organic salad and vegetables.

Back at the resort, Khun Somsri and the housekeeper Khun Waew had moved us to the luxury private villa behind its own gate so we could try the ambiance here, too. This villa has two master bedrooms on the second floor with private bathroom and outdoor rain showers. Sheer bliss!

On the ground floor there is a dining room and a TV home theater room with a huge screen and in the garden there is a five by nine meter private pool with 170 cm depth all over except in a small kids section. More Wow!

Joining us as VIP-guests of Khun Bat and Khun Golf in the other master bedroom of the villa were Jaywit and his girlfriend Pim. Jaywit is a long time member of Naturist Association Thailand who many years ago secured himself a permanent place in the history of NAT as the member, who found and connected us to Chan Resort in Pattaya which in 2009 became the first naturist resort in Thailand.


Basking in the wonderful hospitality of Khun Bat and Khun Golf was not where the drama was. The drama occurred on Sunday morning, when we decided to visit the nude beach related to the Lemon Tree Resort. Let me repeat that: Yes, Lemon Tree Resort has virtually it's own private nude beach nearby the resort!

Dao and I had been up since six that morning and had been out walking the road up the hills behind the resort which leads across the central mountain range of Phuket which separates the Westcoast of the island from the Eastcoast. It had started to rain so we returned after a few kilometers and enjoyed the pool instead until everyone else was eventually ready to leave for the beach.

We all joined in Khun Golf's car since it was new and had 4 wheel drive. A few minutes later, we turned off the main road where it said Nui Bay. From there the road up to the Nui Bay pick up point is a bit of a challenge in itself. It is a yellow gravel road going steep up the hill, best for four wheel but possible for a sedan to navigate. At the meeting point there is a clear sign of Nui Bay Member Club and a waiting sala.

Here we waited for the manager of the Club, and followed him down the trail to the gated beach club area. Because Khun Bat and Khun Golf are members, we could enter as their guests and we discussed with the manager if we could use this beach as a permanent nude beach. He pointed to a section to the right of the main beach section, which was private and not in direct view of other members, who may prefer to see other guests wearing clothes, not being nude.


That stretch of the bay turned out to be a great little cove with forty to fifty meter of sandy beach. It was a windy day and there was some garbage washed up on the shore, but not more than a few energetic naturists could clear in less than 45 minutes. The nude beach has its own toilets and fresh water showers and a sala which is mostly used to provider shelter from the sun but on our visit is was more useful as a refuge from the increasingly pouring rain. The view of the ocean is ... so Phuket! Imagine if you could sail out straight from the beach you would not meet any other islands before you would hit the east coast of Sri Lanka. A fascinating thought.

Eventually, we decided to leave this nude paradise to go back to Lemon Tree Resort. Now, suddenly we realized the trouble with the rain which had poured down relentless while we visited the beach and transformed the road leading down to the member club to a small river delta.

At first we all climbed into the 4 wheel truck and hoped for the best. But twenty meters up the steep slope the wheels of the truck started spinning and the truck started sliding dangerously back towards the ravine to our left.

When it became clear that we would never get up the slippery path of rocks and mud if we stayed on board, the five of us got down and started crawling up the road on our own while Golf bravely volunteered to force the truck up against the mud and rocks and the water trying to wash it down the ravine. We accepted, that if worst came to worst, we would only loose Golf and the car - but at least we would be safe(!).


From up the road we watched in horror as he scrambled up, skidded back, then the wheels got grip of a rock and jumped forward. Finally, as we couldn't hold our breath any longer, he was suddenly up and safe with us and we all sighed with relief. We made it.

The rest of the way back we felt like true heroes. A few times the road looked like the scene we had just survived and I jumped down to make a little video, but it is not near the drama we had down at the gate to the Nui Bay Member Club.

Members living in Phuket do not have to open their own membership with the club but can visit the beach by contacting Khun Bat at Lemon Tree Resort - my only advice would be to maybe pick a day when it is not raining 🙂 The same goes for guests staying at the resort.

But don't let our adventure scare you. This nude beach is truly delightful and not just because it is the only beach on Phuket, where you are genuinely welcome to enjoy yourself in the nude. You can even rent a kayak and go exploring the rocky shores left and right of the bay. In the nude.

Please come and see for yourself. And meanwhile, please help us all by spreading the joyful news that finally, Phuket has made its glorious entry onto the world map of naturist and nudist vacationing with a wonderful resort and private villa and a unique nude beach. Rejoice!




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  1. What a cute little beach!!! That would certainly have been worth the trip. Can a taxi be ordered to get from the resort to the beach or do you have to walk? Or will the resort be offering a shuttle service for those wishing to visit the beach?

  2. The beach is great and has all you need. Best is to ask Pattama at Lemon Tree to arrange the visit. If she says permission is on place, then a taxi to the meeting place and a 1 km walk from there could do. Otherwise you would need the Nui Beach guys to pick you up from the meeting place. Again, I would let Pattama arrange it all as she is very efficient.

  3. Yes, this is very dramatic trip for all of us in order to survey places for our naturists to have private beach to enjoy nudism or naked experience. Although, it is very dramatic adventure, eventually it is worth to our waiting for. We want our naturist guests to explore and experience how amazing it is when you are here. You just contact me at the lobby to get into the private Nui beach as we are the member and we can arrange car or taxi for you to the beach and back to resort. I’m sure you will love our resort, hospitality and service we offer you. Can’t wait for all of naturists to be here and experience it.