Buy your own villa in Cha Am

Here is a concept for minimizing your overall capital input during your retirement as a naturist in Thailand, for most naturists like myself to be able to enjoy the Thai weather and freedom of being outdoors totally nude you will need to purchase your own pool villa, so lets take a quick (approximate) look at the likely costs involved.

Mango House Garden model

Option #1 – I have recently seen suitable pool villas in the province for 5.4 Million Baht, but then you need to consider the utility bills and any maintenance fees for the property/development. Electricity, water, internet, satellite TV, pool cleaner, can total in the region of 10,000 baht per month which equals 120,000 baht per year, add this up over lets say a 30 year period of your retirement and you have a total of 3.6 Million Baht. So the initial 5.4 million baht + 3.6 million baht over 30 years equals a 9 Million Baht expense which you will pay from your retirement funds.

Option #2 – Purchase Two small 1 or 2 bedroom chalets/bungalows at 2.25 Million Baht each (4.5 million baht total) then live in One of the bungalows and rent the other spare bungalow to fellow naturists, rental income could achieve an average of 10,000 baht per month (or maybe more) which equals 120,000 baht per year, over the same retirement period of 30 years equals a 3.6 Million baht Return on the initial investment, this 3.6 million baht should be sufficient to cover all your utility bills and any maintenance costs over your retirement, thus meaning you will only require to pay out the initial cost of 4.5 Million Baht from your retirement funds.

As you can see option #2 is a much cheaper option, and not only that, it also offers the owner the chance to live their retirement in a naturist setting along with other naturists as neighbours on a large plot, as opposed to living as a home nudist and isolating oneself on a much smaller plot which does not offer the same freedom of movement outdoors.

Comments and Questions are Welcome, and for any Non believers take a look at my website link below, do some research on the subject and call round to my residence in Cha-am one day and we can talk further.

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