World’s first floating naturist conference

Thailand will in June 2016 be hosting the World's first naturist conference on a string of house boats floating in the middle of a big tropical lake. The conference - NATCON 2016 - is the 5th International Naturist Conference which has now been announced for 10-12 June 2016.

The string of rafts will be arranged in a half circle with different nationalities on each raft. Having rafts for each different nationality reflects the increasing number of naturists from India, China, Malaysia and Singapore who have started visiting Thailand as the number of naturists resorts have grown. Today, there are five resorts in Thailand catering to naturists and shortly after the conference a new naturist friendly resort in the top end of the market is scheduled to open in Pattaya.

A session during the afternoon on the second day of the conference is dedicated to discussing how Naturism in India can move forward. It is hoped that the Indian participants during this session will be able to agree on founding a naturist association for India.

Participation in the conference is limited to either Ordinary or Premium members of Naturist Association Thailand. Non members who wish to participate in the conference must first apply for Membership here:

Press coverage is welcome under specific conditions. Interested members of the media may contact Naturist Association Thailand via email [email protected]

Naturist Association Thailand is the national organisation for naturism and nudism in Thailand . Established in 2007, Naturist Association Thailand is based on the traditional naturist values introduced in Thailand in 2013 by Mr. Sarin Foothai who back then established Thailand's first naturist club.

Naturist Association Thailand is a licensed tour operator promoting existing naturist resorts and assisting new prospective naturist resorts and spas how to enter this attractive new market in Thailand.

We communicate our common values of healthy, non-sexual leisure activities towards the authorities, other tourism and business associations and the Thai public in general to the benefit of both our individual naturist members and our current and future naturist resort members.

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NATCON 2016 registration now open!

Over 40 members from around the World has already signed up for the unique nude conference NATCON 2016, the World’s first naturist conference taking place in the middle of a big tropical lake in Thailand on a string of floating house rafts. The conference is the 5th International Naturist Conference in Thailand held on 10-12 June 2016. Can you join us??

The launch of [email protected] – a new naturist magazine for members

​Naturist Association Thailand’s launched on 14 July 2016 “[email protected]” – a new magazine for its naturist members. The content of [email protected] is written in Thai and English and edited by Disraporn Yatprom. The first issue is a 48-pages, full colour magazine. The printed edition is reserved Premium Members, while the online version is for Ordinary Members and supporters of the association.

Naturist Association Thailand now accredited by INF-FNI

Naturist Association Thailand (NAT) became on 1 September 2015 a member of the International Naturist Federation (INF). The accreditation means that NAT is now officially the national organisation representing naturism as defined by INF-FNI in the Kingdom of Thailand. Only three countries in Asia have accredited naturist organisation – the other two being Taiwan and Israel.

​Looking for more naturist friendly spas and resorts

Naturist Association Thailand is currently seeking contact with owners of resorts and spas interested in entering the promising new naturist/nudist market within the Thai tourism industry.

“Helping owners of existing resorts and spas tap into the expanding naturist and nudist vacationing market is a service that we are pleased to offer,” says Disraporn Yatprom, Naturist Association of Thailand.

​Naturist Association Thailand launches paid membership

Naturist Association Thailand recently launched a new website that offers the members a range of private interaction tools like direct messaging and discussion groups. Basic membership remains free, but if members want to take advantage of the interaction tools on the website or participate in events arranged by the NAT, they have to upgrade to a paid membership with a modest annual fee.


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