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"My wife thinks it is unnatural that I don't wear clothes at home. I keep telling her that it is the most natural thing. We were born naked. Why can't we live naked?" he asks. The others nod sympathetically. "I agree. Look at animals...they don't wear clothes, " adds a middle-aged man.

Welcome to the monthly meeting of the Naturist Indian (Delhi) Meetup Group, a recently launched forum for people who believe in naturism or living in harmony with nature. This lifestyle choice involves consuming natural food, preserving the natural environment and, most importantly, wearing natural clothing (read none).

The naturist (nudist) movement has been popular in the US, UK and Europe since the 1920s and many beaches, resorts and even flights are reserved for its followers. In India, too, certain tribes and religious groups (Digamber Jains and Naga sadhus) have been practising it from ancient times, but the trend seems to have permeated urban society only recently.

The Delhi group is the first of its kind in the capital. And though these are early days, it expects to be a catalyst for the spread of naturism in India.

Source: Why can't we stay naked? | Society | Times Crest

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