We are freedom fighters

Potographer: Prasun Das Gupta

Naturism is a liberation movement. Every naturist is a freedom fighter. First we liberate ourselves. Then we help liberate others. Together, we fight the invisible army of marketing executives who spend billions every year on poisoning our minds. They pump us with images and tell us to feel bad if we don’t look like their images. Then they say “...but you can buy this and feel better”.

It is a brainwash! It is a lie!

Along with the distortion of our body image comes invariably the message “But you can buy this product and then you will also look like this!” As if it is beyond discussion that we would all like to look like that. They are unashamed to tell us that we are ugly! Day after day they pump us with their images of their ideal human body. They are trying hard to make us believe that we are ugly - and when we finally believe them, they add “...but you can buy this.." or “...but you can eat that .." and then you will no longer be ugly and then you will no longer feel ashamed of your body.

We are like a group of people who have been taken hostage. We have all been forced to put these clothes on our bodies, covering us all up, except where they have cut holes for our eyes and ears. Then they tell us every day how the other ones look under their clothes and that only you alone do not look like them. Because you cannot look, you don’t really know if what you see in your mirror is normal or what you see in their images is normal. Finally they come to your rescue: “Buy this and you will get to look like the other people under their clothes.”

Then you buy it … but No! You may still not look! Because, most conveniently, it has become illegal to show your body without clothes on. So you are by law prevented from seeing what other humans really look like. You cannot see, so you do not know, so you cannot tell!

Liberating sex from nudity is a related battle. We need to break the misconception that being nude is a sexual statement, an invitation to sex. We are not taking off our clothes because we want to have sex with anyone. Cool down! The naked man or woman in front of you is not naked because he or she wants to have sex with you. Nor does he or she want you to feel a sexual desire towards him or her. Sex is not part of it and it is not about you.

If the person was wearing clothes it would be more clear that whatever the person is doing has no sexual implication. Dish washing, Reading a book. Doing the garden. The nudist is doing the same thing - also with no sexual intention - the only difference is the clothes.

This battle against the sexualization of nudity can be fought at home with your family. Start doing things in the nude and talk about that this is part of your liberalization movement.

Some naturists are content with liberating themselves. They enjoy their discovery of naturism and practice it when convenient. They have no big urge to open the eyes of others to the big scam that we are the victims of. They are like dormant cells in a political movement.

Most of the time, I am like them.

But sometimes I get upset and want to shout out loud: Hey People! Take your clothes off! Look at each other! It was all a big lie! We - YOU AND ME - this is what is normal - not their images! Normal is not the narrow street they have been telling you! We are all much more different than you were ever told!

Be nude and rejoice! Don’t be ashamed! Don't even be shy. You are not inviting your neighbor to have sex with you. You are just freeing yourself from a lifetime of guilt, pressure, lies and prejudices.

Now, why don’t you come and help the other people who are still trapped in the brainwash?

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