Trying out the Nude Yoga class

Nude Yoga is the latest activity offer from Naturist Association Thailand. Every Friday at 16.00, a good handful of participants show up at Barefeet Naturist Association in Bangkok to join in the fun exercise - which is harder work that it looks.

Nude yoga feels exciting and liberating. We believe that Barefeet Naturist Resort is the only place in Bangkok, where you can enjoy this. The class is workshop style. If you already practice yoga, please come and share your exercises and favorites with the rest of us. We are aiming at a session a bit more engaging, interactive, sharing than the usual session which is often mostly one-way-communication.

Afterwards, participants are welcome to stay for a discussion about nude yoga, a simply for swim in our pool, sweating it out in the sauna, or having a massage. Since it is Friday, we will fire up the campfire. If you wish, feel free to bring something for grilling over the fire.

The photos below are only shown for logged in members. Not that they are very explicit, but with naked naturists in them, at least you cannot say you you were exposed to them by accident.



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